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Marie T. Murphy at 7:01am 07.27.17
Plz, I have fuel seepage into bilge of H376. 1. Do these "plastic" fuel tanks leak?? 2. How to remo
All U Get at 6:41am 07.27.17
Hi all, Just saw the morning news and ABC ran a piece on CO levels on boats motoring on the water.
bojified at 4:34am 07.27.17
I purchased a different trailer for my 1977 last year and when I went to pick it up the owner had th
Kayakeur at 10:44pm 07.26.17
Hello, It's great to see a forum of MacGregor owners. Thank you for being here. My name is Bud, foru
pzmaria at 9:10pm 07.26.17
I want to use my Sony SW7600GR as a receiver to get a weather fax to my iPad. I have HF Weather Fax
Ken Cross at 8:29pm 07.26.17
Here is a story of the tall ship Lady Washington. It ran aground in Sequim Bay in Washington. This p
Sacto Dave at 8:13pm 07.26.17
But am thrilled with my new favorite coffee mug: onal Sailing Association! https://www.catalina22.or
bob_pattison at 8:07pm 07.26.17
Though we've been building furling mains with vertical battens on the Beneteau boats since 2007, the
The Mariner at 7:27pm 07.26.17
Greetings all and thank you for taking time to read my first post. I have always loved sailboats an
Ob1session at 6:28pm 07.26.17
hello everyone I'm new to this site so here goes I've rebuilt a1979 s28.0c gutted her painted the in
Submarine at 6:07pm 07.26.17
I have two extra sheeves in my mast for halyards but no line to use as a messenger to run new line t
robert legerton at 5:13pm 07.26.17
I am looking for a sailboat between 28 and 35 feet to live aboard and do some coastal cruising to th
kampuniform at 4:29pm 07.26.17
I'm about to pry off my handrails for refinishing/rebedding. Does anyone have the inside scoop abou
Davekippen at 3:38pm 07.26.17
Ahoy! (Man was that cheesy...) anyway, I was just gifted an OLD fiberglass sailboat. Wondering if a
DiSpencer_May at 3:24pm 07.26.17
Recently received word from a non-sailor that his late grandfather left him a 1984 Hunter 35.5 Legen
Cujo665 at 3:11pm 07.26.17
our 23 is missing the bulkhead door separating the salon from the head compartment. Would anybody h
Capt. Seeweed at 2:28pm 07.26.17
Hi all. Just joined the forum. Ive had bigger boats. Twin screw boats too but now I want simplicity
BugOutBoat at 1:54pm 07.26.17
We are purchasing a 2000 Hunter 460 but have concerns with the air conditioning onboard. We were una
LeslieTroyer at 12:54pm 07.26.17
i was hoping I could get some constructive feedback on my article on battery fusing. Next up is net
John Dibb at 11:39am 07.26.17
Our 2002 B361 has a typical A/C condensate hose draining into the bilge. Currently this is drained

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Cruising the Pacific Coast.
Benny17441 at 7:36am 07.27.17
Consider your budget, after all the costly modifications that you are proposing, you will still end
Carbon Monoxide
jssailem at 7:30am 07.27.17
exhaust will flow up into the cockpit. Also known as "Diesel stink". It is worth a change of heading
Headsail Needed for Hunter 212 - Advice Also Welcome...
MikeRottenborn at 7:28am 07.27.17
Hi folks, I wanted to thank the forum members for your advice and reply with the resolution and less
Hunter 212 Headsail Advice Needed
MikeRottenborn at 7:28am 07.27.17
Hi folks, I wanted to thank the forum members for your advice and reply with the resolution and less
Running engine tied up to dock harmful to engine?
Rick Webb at 7:16am 07.27.17
The idea that running your boat in gear while tied to the dock is illegal is really preposterous. Yo
Carbon Monoxide
dlochner at 7:11am 07.27.17
Haven't seen this specific report, but there have been a number of similar reports in the past. One
Trailer Towing - How do you secure the Hunter 140?
Rick Webb at 7:09am 07.27.17
or something like these:
Carbon Monoxide
Mark Maulden at 7:07am 07.27.17
What's the definition of a "motorboat?
Foot bracing?
usererror at 7:00am 07.27.17
I'd like one of these on my 140!!
Carbon Monoxide
plenny7 at 7:00am 07.27.17
In Minnesota we have a new law about it;
Beneteau 361 condensate problems
Don S/V ILLusion at 6:55am 07.27.17
Thanks for the link. If I go this way I have to find a suitable place for a sump in a very shallow,
Carbon Monoxide
cb32863 at 6:50am 07.27.17
In Minnesota we have a new law about it;
Carbon Monoxide
Don S/V ILLusion at 6:49am 07.27.17
Didn't see it but I wonder how those results compare to driving in traffic with the windows open (or
Stringer material
Leeward Rail at 6:48am 07.27.17
Send an email to Gerry Douglas at Catalina. He should know I contacted Catalina a year ago, about t
New Member introducing myself
Tsatzsue at 6:47am 07.27.17
Welcome!! You found the right site.
Franken Trailer
greg_m at 6:36am 07.27.17
@LakeShark single axle or double axle on your trailer?
Cut up hull pictures for reference
Leeward Rail at 6:35am 07.27.17
Fantastic Photos of an original design C22 ! Transom has coring. Foam under cockpit sole. Plywood i
Trailer Towing - How do you secure the Hunter 140?
Crazy Dave Condon at 6:32am 07.27.17
@usererror Maybe a private message from you to me for some advice and include boat and phone. I kn
Trailer Towing - How do you secure the Hunter 140?
usererror at 6:18am 07.27.17
Something like this which you just pull to tighten would be more secure. https://shop.sailboatowners
Roller Furling Mainsail Vertical Battens
shemandr at 6:13am 07.27.17
Just seeing those vertical battens gives me the heebe jeebes. On my H356 I had full length round v

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