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Robert H. Wood at 5:29pm 01.27.20
Misfits at 4:16pm 01.27.20
Prestonrockstar at 1:49pm 01.27.20
Hi All, I came into good luck and landed a very, very, very cheap Ericson 27 1974 in great conditio
Fictionman at 10:15am 01.27.20
I currently have what seems to be a "household" size bowl on my standard Jabsco pump toilet. I am u
Scott T-Bird at 8:16am 01.27.20
I pulled up my original teak ' holly plywood flooring and haven't decided yet what to put down. It'
Greg17879 at 7:58am 01.27.20
Where can I get rubber stoppers for my Lewmar cars for my genoa? They have disintegrated!
NHB40 at 7:52am 01.27.20
Has anyone ordered/installed a cockpit teak flooring kit from Beneteau? I'm considering it for my 20
Chief Jim at 7:14am 01.27.20
1979 Catalina 27 now rail. Need two rail type, not single. We are at Manatee Cove Marina, Patrick AF
Robert H. Wood at 6:27am 01.27.20
captcrly at 5:11am 01.27.20
I have a problem with the main sail getting stuck coming down. mostly at the top of the mast. Any s
SafeSailor at 10:15pm 01.26.20
Hi--New to the forum. I'm a Sea Scout Skipper and Fleet Manager for a Sea Scout Ship. We have a 19
jonelli at 10:13pm 01.26.20
pumpkinpie at 7:37pm 01.26.20
Hi all! We took the boat out for a 6 hour trip, mostly motoring as we had to calibrate our equipment
Deandownunder at 7:25pm 01.26.20
We are having trouble getting a water pump for the boat as we life down under any suggesting would b
SV Bella at 1:39pm 01.26.20
Has anyone had the overhang on the cabin of the deck saloon to break by people stepping on it? Has
Evorbach at 9:04am 01.26.20
Wondering what folks have done with the 9.2 anchoring? Comes with just an anchor locker and thats it
markwbird at 8:41am 01.26.20
dlochner at 8:34am 01.26.20
DArcy - Islay Mist at 8:33am 01.26.20
If you have ever seen a ship crossing your path and hailed them on the VHF to let them know you are
John6275 at 6:05am 01.26.20
Just purchased a 1984 Cal 27, which based on my research is the 3rd and final edition of the Cal 27.

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Electric Ferries Coming to Maine?
Hunter216 at 5:37pm 01.27.20
Similar position taken by the Ontario government several years ago, has turned into reality. https:
Exhaust mixing elbow questions   (2)
DArcy - Islay Mist at 5:17pm 01.27.20
Here is what mine looked like when I took it off, it was wrapped in insulation which masked the cond
Blisters Hunter 28.5
Mr Fox at 5:09pm 01.27.20
As Dlochner said...
1991 P42 Bow Rollers
Terry Cox at 4:50pm 01.27.20
I put one of the tranpartnet yellow ones on mine. Is holding up much better than the stock white on
Exhaust mixing elbow questions
Stu Jackson at 4:27pm 01.27.20
Thanks Stu. I am still going to attempt to get it out and see if it's gunked up, and if it doesn't
Fun in Oz?
WayneH at 4:00pm 01.27.20
Will, Take video. I would love to see it. But I'm allergic to ice OUTSIDE of my glass. :biggrin:
New flooring suggestions   (1)
Scott T-Bird at 3:57pm 01.27.20
What would you prefer for flooring? All things considered equal, what look do you want? I'm sure yo
Sailing Baja
justsomeguy at 3:48pm 01.27.20
Any suggestions as to the best way to do this? Either a link to your blog or post a bunch of photo
Ericson 27 V-Birth expansion and other projects?
Prestonrockstar at 3:30pm 01.27.20
Probably explains why I can't find any big interior changes including the bulkhead. Was really hopin
Bilge turned black!
quadrille38 at 3:21pm 01.27.20
:plus: Could it possibly have come from an ice box/refrigerator via the drain? Or something liqui
Bilge turned black!
quadrille38 at 3:18pm 01.27.20
Yes but likely would have a burnt smell and more reddish in color than black. not necessarily as
Exhaust mixing elbow questions
DArcy - Islay Mist at 3:06pm 01.27.20
I was having issues on my C&C 27 I thought might be exhaust blockage so I took mine apart. It was sl
Yanmar 3YM20 coolant change
Evorbach at 3:00pm 01.27.20
was planning on changing the coolant on my 3mY20 this season as well. Not clear as to the procedure.
Ericson 27 V-Birth expansion and other projects?
Don S/V ILLusion at 3:00pm 01.27.20
Had an E27 long ago and my memory is that this bulkhead is structural meaning both the mast step (an
Bilge turned black!
All U Get at 2:51pm 01.27.20
Hello all, Dean here from down under looking forward to chatting with you all and listening to your advice happy sailing.
Deandownunder at 2:43pm 01.27.20
Thank everyone for your help we will check them out. We have already thought of getting one for each
Ericson 27 V-Birth expansion and other projects?
Prestonrockstar at 2:42pm 01.27.20
Now to learn about compression posts!
Ericson 27 V-Birth expansion and other projects?
David in Sandusky at 2:22pm 01.27.20
Sounds like a doable idea to me. And a good one! My one caution is to check the location of the com
Exhaust mixing elbow questions
jonelli at 2:15pm 01.27.20
Thanks Stu. I am still going to attempt to get it out and see if it's gunked up, and if it doesn't
Exhaust mixing elbow questions
Stu Jackson at 2:09pm 01.27.20
So, the whole thing is going to cost around $500-$600 if I order replacements from CD. You should

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