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Tedd at 7:16pm 07.26.21
I'm now actively shopping for either a Seaward 26RK or a Hunter 260. My heart's with the Seaward but
cefiro at 7:13pm 07.26.21
Rjm st.petersburg at 7:04pm 07.26.21
I'm looking for some ideas to control or eliminate the swinging of my dinghy while underway. Having
sunlover at 3:06pm 07.26.21
I'm finishing up sanding my bottom but the keel had some blisters and I sanded down to bare metal.
Coinspinner2564 at 2:44pm 07.26.21
I need a thru hull fitting for my 1980 Hunter 27 and forgot to measure the hose size for the bilge p at 1:57pm 07.26.21
Hi I have a Hunter 30 FR with the Hood 810 continous line fush deck model - looking to replace the d
Hull13 at 11:40am 07.26.21
Anyone out there with a Marlow Hunter 40 that would like to compare notes? Have solved a few proble
John Marrone at 11:03am 07.26.21
Me again, boat is still on trailer. Been practicing stepping the mast ( Accomplished ) Got both Sail
Project_Mayhem at 10:57am 07.26.21
The last few weeks I've noticed mold growth on a few parts of the cabin. Most of it looks like penic
JBC at 10:51am 07.26.21
Ed Caldwell at 10:02am 07.26.21
196537 Hey Phil, the last two Monday morning emails with the topic of the week (this week on selecti
DaisyDonk at 9:48am 07.26.21
Bay Tripper at 9:46am 07.26.21
Hello, I am looking at buying a 1985 Catalina 30 tall rig. I have had my heart set on a full fi
Meriachee at 9:18am 07.26.21
Here's a few shots of the boats at the lake, and our home made top down furler in action flying the
spadaforaj at 9:11am 07.26.21
Hi all - really cleaned out my anchor chain locker this weekend and found this disturbing sight on m
ScottySailor at 8:53am 07.26.21
Scott T-Bird at 8:40am 07.26.21
I was solo over the weekend and anchored at Tices Shoal on Saturday night. @Ward H gave me fair war
jcrews63 at 8:26am 07.26.21
What is the the best black caulking to rebed the deck (skylight) windows. Mine were done just before
johnstreatfeild at 7:10am 07.26.21
Does anyone know what size spreader boots I need for a 1989 Hunter 335? West Marine sells three siz
Tedd at 9:34pm 07.25.21
I'm looking at a boat that's for sale on Bainbridge Island. Can anyone recommend a surveyor in that

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Using a trolling motor on small boat
Norsail at 10:45pm 07.26.21
Philly2DC2LBI, you may have solved your battery problem already, but run time is limited by the amp
Repowering the 2001 Beneteau 361
FastOlson at 10:26pm 07.26.21
FWIW Betamarine engines are the most common replacement diesel in our YC. I replaced our OEM Univers
Boats at the lake
Meriachee at 9:21pm 07.26.21
A symphony of sight and sound, well put together. Now, how 'bout you get your pretty little boat o
Prop Walk when in reverse
MikeHoncho at 9:16pm 07.26.21
I wonder if he figured out the advantages of using prop walk being he posted about 15 months ago lol
Hunter 34 Starboard side of engine access
splax at 9:02pm 07.26.21
having replaced the lift pump, I don't think an access hatch will be useful I think most was done fr
Rust sealer for steel keel
Ken Cross at 8:50pm 07.26.21
First, as soon as you finish sanding on the keel, paint some OSPHO on it. It's really thin like wate
Adventures in anchoring
Stu Jackson at 8:38pm 07.26.21
There was no way I could pull the boat forward by muscle alone, which is what I normally do when an
Dinghy swing   (1)
Rich Stidger at 7:49pm 07.26.21
The dinghy needs to be tied to the davits, not just hoisted up. After properly tying the dinghy you
First time boat owner... Battery alarm
kodiak1120 at 7:19pm 07.26.21
Are you going by battery voltages reported on the DC panel or measuring with a volt meter directly
Adventures in anchoring
Ward H at 7:17pm 07.26.21
All the powerboats were out in force on Saturday, which was probably the nicest weekend since early
First time boat owner... Battery alarm
Davidasailor26 at 7:01pm 07.26.21
Are you going by battery voltages reported on the DC panel or measuring with a volt meter directly o
First time boat owner... Battery alarm
kodiak1120 at 6:44pm 07.26.21
Thanks everyone... I switched to AGM and confirmed that all 3 are AGM. As I said earlier, the hous
Hunter Passage 42 forward hatch hinges fixed, for now.
Rjm st.petersburg at 6:44pm 07.26.21
Try running a threading rod through all 3, then cut the rod between the hinges to create a gap. Then
Prop Walk when in reverse
Sailfanatic at 6:43pm 07.26.21
....Docking your boat so that prop walk will naturally walk your boat to the finger is helpful. For
Boats at the lake
jon hansen at 6:42pm 07.26.21
Adventures in anchoring
Stu Jackson at 6:33pm 07.26.21
What's anchor lock? I could guess, but I don't see anything when I google it. Lock is when it's do
Toe Rail
Evan656 at 6:29pm 07.26.21
Thanks for your reply and your solution. I forgot about the interior trim so, yeah, I will need some
Boats at the lake
Ralph Johnstone at 6:25pm 07.26.21
A symphony of sight and sound, well put together. Now, how 'bout you get your pretty little boat ou
Yanmar 3GM white smoke
Guan at 6:15pm 07.26.21
I had same be problems of white smoke with my Westerbeke B30 comes on after 20 mins. see feeds...Old

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