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CaptainRan at 9:44pm 11.26.20
I heard Lake Mead is challenging due to the rapid changes in wind speed ' direction. Went from 0.8 t
mmlspace at 8:09pm 11.26.20
I'm looking to buy a 1978 Hunter 27, but I've found that despite the law in 1978 and the original pl
ScottFreeRick at 5:16pm 11.26.20
So we are the new owners of a 1983 Hunter 34, just finalized the deal a couple of weeks back. As we
sailme88 at 4:18pm 11.26.20
Hoping that everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving.
SSO at 1:40pm 11.26.20
We started off with a plan to acquire a Porsche Carrera GT this past summer and ended up with a Bene
Electricboater45 at 12:02pm 11.26.20
I like the looks of this: Marketplace - Hunter 25ft sailboat | Facebook I want to get online draw
Castrilper55 at 11:52am 11.26.20
Over the Covid-19 summer of 2020 my O'Day 26 stayed on the trailer in my driveway. I took the oppor
GerryG at 11:49am 11.26.20
So I have a bunch of projects due for the winter. I'm varnishing and sealing, etc. I'm also changi
Charlie Jones s/v Tehani at 11:04am 11.26.20
I'm one and was just wondering
jon hansen at 10:51am 11.26.20
i hate fog, scares me
jssailem at 10:45am 11.26.20
Charlie Jones s/v Tehani at 6:53am 11.26.20
Many of you have become friends over the years and I want to see you for a long time to co,me- be sa
Kings Gambit at 6:02am 11.26.20
In southern climes, such as in Florida and southern California, Thanksgiving weekend, being four day
Electricboater45 at 5:51am 11.26.20
I saw this sailboat and was struck with how wide and flat the stern is. Anybody know what it is? h
board.paul at 5:21am 11.26.20
I have an interest in a 2006 343 with hull damage to the port side stern quarter and sugar scoop. In
Mhkent at 9:59pm 11.25.20
I need to service my winch. It is a Barient 17. Do I need a special tool to open it up?
SailingLoto at 6:56pm 11.25.20
I am going to look at a 1984 s2 9.2 tomorrow. Boat was used for 2 seasons, then stored indoors unti
OK, I'm mean   (1)
Brian D at 6:20pm 11.25.20
vitaliy at 6:00pm 11.25.20
Hi everyone. Does anybody know where i can order bolts or roads for beneteau oceanis 400? Thanks.
MarkSails21 at 4:26pm 11.25.20
Looking for ideas for the best place to locate an engine mounting bracket and and an engine lifting

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s2 9.2 questions
Mark Maulden at 9:34pm 11.26.20
s2 9.2 questions
Jumpstart at 9:29pm 11.26.20
One of my crew bought one for $860 this spring. We delivered it 200 miles. No troubles with basic b
Storing boat in yard?
Koltar at 9:28pm 11.26.20
Thank you for all the replies guys I really appreciate it! I have not bought a boat yet and yes. I w
Max-Prop Reconditioning
arf145 at 9:19pm 11.26.20
I follow the same routine as @All U Get. We also have our MaxProp thanks to the PO, and I love the t
Thanksgiving Aboard?
Kings Gambit at 8:09pm 11.26.20
8:00 pm update: The wind just now suddenly showed up. Oh, my! It's starting to howl through here!
Windlass v. Anchor Winch for H260
Ralph Johnstone at 7:41pm 11.26.20
but I do want something that will be "back safe" for me. Lessee now, the nylon rode in the water
Thanksgiving Aboard?
Alan Gomes at 7:40pm 11.26.20
A self-quarantine in Cat Harbor on the boat is a good idea unless you actually come down with debil
Thanksgiving Aboard?
Kings Gambit at 7:29pm 11.26.20
A self-quarantine in Cat Harbor on the boat is a good idea unless you actually come down with debili
New Owner
Allan12210 at 7:02pm 11.26.20
Welcome to your new to you boat. I hope you enjoy it. We've had ours since it was brand new in 1985.
Thanksgiving Aboard?
Alan Gomes at 6:55pm 11.26.20
Happy Thanksgiving. We've several times gone to Catalina for Thanksgiving where the single restaur
New Owner
kloudie1 at 6:20pm 11.26.20
Welcome to the forum !! Lots of good info in the downloads; lots of good folks here.. Hope you enjo
Reapplying gelcoat
SailingLoto at 5:58pm 11.26.20
not sure how I picked up that quote.....
Reapplying gelcoat
SailingLoto at 5:57pm 11.26.20
Would thicker paint minimize the texture on a vertical surface? blues and greens come into play on o
Thanksgiving Aboard?
Terry Cox at 5:55pm 11.26.20
Just started a project this Thanksgiving that has been on the back burner for years, plus a chance t
Reapplying gelcoat
Project_Mayhem at 5:53pm 11.26.20
How many coats are usually used for a repair? re on a vertical surface? If matching yourself, get
Thanksgiving Aboard?
Rick D at 5:52pm 11.26.20
It used to be a tradition at Windjammers' YC in MdR to do Thanksgiving dinner however they could and
New Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 Owner
Richard19068 at 5:47pm 11.26.20
I assume it is obvious that most of the participants on this forum will think you made the right cho
Thanksgiving Aboard?
shemandr at 5:14pm 11.26.20
What kind of snow were you playing in?
New Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 Owner
Michael Davis at 5:07pm 11.26.20
Really nice cars but I think you made the right choice!

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