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Terry Cox at 7:53pm 09.14.19
Just a note to share my "duh" moment. Admiral, granddaughter and I headed out for a few day cruise a
FDL S2 at 6:44pm 09.14.19
All this talk of dinghys and heads makes me want to ask: Did anyone else get out sailing today? We
Bill Ernst at 2:27pm 09.14.19
I have a 3 cyl. Universal diesel in my 1982 Allman 31. I am trying to determine the model number.
Captain Larry-DH at 2:11pm 09.14.19
I decided to empty a dinghy tank that has had ethanol gas in it for about 60 days.. It was treated w
CYQK at 10:36am 09.14.19
Which company makes the plastic grid for under mattress air cirulation? Do they work?
CYQK at 10:20am 09.14.19
Been 4-5 years since attending Had a great time Has the show stayed the same? Worth going? Thks
Know Egrets at 8:24am 09.14.19
Hello. Any one know where to get AC amp meter guage for 2003 426? It is analog 1.5 inches in size. I
NYSail at 2:30am 09.14.19
So making plans to reinstall my Onan genset. When originally installed it had a small fuel filter (r
garymalmgren at 9:37pm 09.13.19
Steve L22188 at 7:17pm 09.13.19
Anyone have any experience with this automatic bilge pump? Looks like a good option for the bilge i
Windhorse at 6:04pm 09.13.19
rgranger at 5:56pm 09.13.19
JamesG161 at 4:35pm 09.13.19
Can anyone spot the maker of this ?50' boat? it has a back stay.
Waltsailor at 4:14pm 09.13.19
Having problems with my windlass on just purchased 386. Every thing seems to work fine as I raise o
RolfSail at 3:09pm 09.13.19
GMaks911 at 2:32pm 09.13.19
I have a 1994 Hunter 26. Does anyone know if the center table is removable? I would like to replac
TaborKP! at 12:48pm 09.13.19
So after many systems upgrades, and upgrades that you really cant see, finally attacking the brightw
sealove at 8:17am 09.13.19
hello, I am interested in buying a Capri 18 in excellent condition. No rush. I am located in the NY/
Jumpstart at 8:07am 09.13.19
6/208 Ano
GSBNY at 5:12pm 09.12.19

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Windlass Problems
Kings Gambit at 10:24pm 09.14.19
We cleaned all the contacts under the windlass and bypassed the solenoid and nothing changed. I do
Windlass Problems
JamesG161 at 9:27pm 09.14.19
check house batteries My Hunter uses the engine start battery. I bet yours does too. Why? Windlass
Sailing today
jssailem at 9:08pm 09.14.19
I got back from a 5 day cruise around the Puget Sound. Got back on Monday evening, arrived at the ma
Sailboat Brand?
JamesG161 at 9:04pm 09.14.19
the winner is @kloudie1 Sorry I missed @Davidasailor26 as the first right answer.:redface: But...
Sailing today
bhans at 9:00pm 09.14.19
out on Michigan. As you said, beautiful day in Wisconsin.
Fuel supply for genset......
capta at 8:59pm 09.14.19
The 500 opens on top and therefore it is possible to change the filter without spilling any fuel, a
mattress grid
jssailem at 8:58pm 09.14.19
And the two day Ralph is talking about happen in Odd years. At least when it is not the Even years.
mattress grid
Ralph Johnstone at 8:14pm 09.14.19
I guess Vancouver has a different atmospheric reality. It's so wet and humid here people are grow
Sailing today
Sailor Sue at 7:41pm 09.14.19
Yup, 4 hours on western Lake Erie. Great sailing.
Windlass Problems
MikeHoncho at 7:41pm 09.14.19
Motor running?
Amp Meter Guage
SycloneDriver at 7:28pm 09.14.19
Terry Where was the "heat sink" mounted?
Sailboat Brand?
Hayden Watson at 7:19pm 09.14.19
The other easy to spot hallmark of a C42 is that the aft stay is attached to an offset chainplate on
Amp Meter Guage
Terry Cox at 7:12pm 09.14.19
Your panel appears to be a Paneltronics product. They made many of the electrical panels for Hunter
Sailing today
Michael Davis at 7:12pm 09.14.19
Sailing today
Kopite at 7:00pm 09.14.19
I was out on lake Erie, pretty flat with 15-17 knots from the west. Nice sailing..
Phase Separation - !@#%^ and *( Ethanol
Rich Stidger at 6:57pm 09.14.19
Buy only E-Zero gasoline.
Amp Meter Guage
Rich Stidger at 6:55pm 09.14.19
Try these people. I have bought from them and they are good. I don't know if they have a round met
Winching your engine off the dinghy?
pumpkinpie at 6:47pm 09.14.19
@ Captain Larry I think it's possible this could work. They are located in Canada and not 100% sure
mattress grid
ggrizzard at 6:36pm 09.14.19
:plus: for HyperVent. I guess Vancouver has a different atmospheric reality.
Winching your engine off the dinghy?
Captain Larry-DH at 6:33pm 09.14.19
Anyone here ever heard of this engine crane mounting system? Or know of anyone that has? Swing Lif

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