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Pura Vida WI at 2:55am 03.30.17
Using the advise of our pre-sale surveyor I drilled two small holes in the bottom of the rudder on o
Steve Jefferies at 9:11pm 03.29.17
Cable to shut off on solenoid is stuck. Want to replace but not sure what length new cable to purcha
Brian D at 9:06pm 03.29.17
As some here may know, I like to play guitar. I also like writing my own tunes. Every once in awhile
Capt Robbie at 7:15pm 03.29.17
I recently had to repair a section of interior trim on my h34 in the head. One of the wood bulkhead
billk53 at 5:55pm 03.29.17
Has anyone dropped the rudder on a 351 Beneteau to fix play in shaft
louistrotta at 5:40pm 03.29.17
I am sure everyone knows about the Compression post problem on some Hunters where the wires went dow
Bigfish at 4:37pm 03.29.17
Surprisingly since retirement two years ago my wife and I sail less than when I was working mostly d
MitchM at 4:04pm 03.29.17
can those who have done this project give me an idea of what the time involved and c
rcw4 at 11:50am 03.29.17
First Post! Hello, relatively new to sailing and boat repair but I am thinking of repainting my 1971
soggysocks at 11:42am 03.29.17
Hello, Please help me if you can - I own a 48-50' International Offshore manufactured in 1981 in San
Nodak7 at 10:56am 03.29.17
I was at the Miami Boat Show and found a both there that was selling Sigma Powers Inc. Marine Diesel
zached1 at 10:18am 03.29.17
I am going to change out my halyards. After reading what Ed posted sometime ago, I would like to go
TheIrishman at 8:08am 03.29.17
Noob here. Had a nasty tear in in our furling 135 genoa. Had it repaired, but it needs to go. Found
Ned Ludd at 7:55am 03.29.17
You take acetone into the shower to get epoxy out of your hair.
lehighsail at 5:49am 03.29.17
Just was reading an article from Active Captain about lobster pots and the problem with the lines an
Douginmd at 5:43am 03.29.17
I have finished the sanding of my O'day's bottom and wondered what you all recommend prior to re-pai
Nodak7 at 2:45am 03.29.17
Just curious if anyone has any thoughts regarding what they use for Anchor watch software? I primari
Nodak7 at 2:31am 03.29.17
Ok I am certain that this has been covered previously but I will ask again. I have been fortunate an
Thad at 11:47pm 03.28.17
I recently purchased a 1990 Hunter Vision 32. The owner removed a reef during sea trial and wasn't s
rardiH36 at 8:43pm 03.28.17
The repair to my 2QM20 engine integral anti-freeze coolant pump leak that I queried the forum about

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My other hobby...
kloudie1 at 3:37am 03.30.17
Good stuff ! Prayers Without Words is definitely going on my "smooth/easy" playlist !
My other hobby...
kappykaplan at 3:27am 03.30.17
Very nice, Brian.
Rudder fill
kloudie1 at 3:25am 03.30.17
something like 3M 4200 sealant would be lots better.. stronger and has better "stick-shun" than most
Halyard rope sizes
Jim Legere at 2:46am 03.30.17
While high tech materials mean that halyards can be smaller diameter and stronger, there is a trade-
You know its spring when...
All U Get at 1:35am 03.30.17
Spring.....when the kids ask when you're coming home. All U Get
Time and Cost for converting dual 12v house bank to 4 6vs?
JohnShannon at 12:23am 03.30.17
Well if you never use your inverter, just chuck over the side and then you don't need such a big bat
justsomeguy at 11:22pm 03.29.17
depends on the nature of the "partner(s)" So true.
Anchoring Issue Strategies
Capt Robbie at 10:48pm 03.29.17
Not a fun situation to be in no matter what the conditions are. Years ago I made a dragging anchor a
Play in rudder on 1995 351 Oceanis Beneteau
Philip_Oceanis 361 at 10:47pm 03.29.17
How do you plan to fix the play? Are you sure it's something you can fix? It's not uncommon for rudd
You know its spring when...
Doug4bass at 10:04pm 03.29.17
If I have liver problems, I will blame the acetone.
Play in rudder on 1995 351 Oceanis Beneteau
Beach Bum at 10:00pm 03.29.17
Just loosen up four bolts from quadrant, no need to remove them. Remove the pin from quadrant. Then
Recommendation for foam type and purchase place for interior and v berth foam please.
Macboy at 9:46pm 03.29.17
Try just adding a one inch piece of Styrofoam on the bottom the other foam. I used the insulation f
My other hobby...
Rick D at 9:19pm 03.29.17
Wonderful; thanks for sharing. I love 12 string. Denny Brooks, who played back up for John Denver, w
Last of winter sail
jssailem at 9:19pm 03.29.17
Les That is a Daughter with a lot of trust that her Dad won't let go of the rope. My guess you did n
Commissioning tasks and ongoing improvements of a 83 Cat 22 from trailer to saltwaterkmpr
Jacktar at 9:17pm 03.29.17
Yep with my luck it will go retro, but I can at least impress the NGCC 2017 bunch this year.
The order of things...
normofthenorth at 9:10pm 03.29.17
Same with the traveler. It could be 30' long and when you move it the shape of the sail doesn't chan
LeoLambert310 at 8:45pm 03.29.17
What I did when I was using a plane was we had a hourly rate that we charged each other that went to
BigEasy at 8:45pm 03.29.17
I am not going to weigh in regarding the pros /cons of a partnership. Be careful with insurance & l
Kings Gambit at 8:34pm 03.29.17
Without an equity interest in the boat the new couple might "tire" of the arrangement and opt out b/
Removable Hump Seat - Storage
ArkadiyS at 8:31pm 03.29.17
Justin, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! I will take a closer look at the pic and try to r

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