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Codybear at 4:37am 02.24.17
Seeing that we are a small group of C275 owners and rather scattered, I thought I would start the fi
wsmac at 11:55pm 02.23.17
I'm the guy some may know from the Hunter forum who is looking at a 28.5 and a 33. Getting a lot of
cloydmilton at 8:58pm 02.23.17
We've had a lot of rain here in LA and after each storm there is fresh water in the bilge. The wate
rick221 at 5:26pm 02.23.17
I made a serious mistake lowering mast and the end result is a mast that is now broke in half. Any i
fbcoache at 4:07pm 02.23.17
Looking into a Hunter 326 that has not been out of the water for a few years, will need a new bottom
wilf at 3:26pm 02.23.17
So my oday 322 is being hauled out for a few days next week to replace the cutlass, inspect the shaf
ddrewry at 3:15pm 02.23.17
I'm replacing everything from the exhaust manifold aft. Previous owner tried repaying cracked manif
Patrick Randall at 2:15pm 02.23.17
My 30T has had a leak from the hatch which has caused the top of the engine housing "box or cover" (
tim_kd7jz at 10:19am 02.23.17
If anyone has replaced the stainless steel rod hinge for their rudder with the gudgeons that Blue Wa
rardiH36 at 9:59am 02.23.17
My berthing port is Sausalito. Three miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge. I engage a diver ser
wsmac at 9:19am 02.23.17
Hello. This is probably the typical newbie... "What boat should I buy?" post, but hopefully I can cl
Pat at 8:49am 02.23.17
Maine Sail, thank you for your contributions! I looked at our grey 272 LE's hull this week and noti
Edj at 7:45am 02.23.17
Looking to buy Catalina 315, does anyone know the shaft size I would like to put on PSS. Thank you f
Kommy000 at 6:26am 02.23.17
About ready to switch from diesel to electric and thought about posting here see if anybody wants 1G
Jose Pla at 8:55pm 02.22.17
I've recently traded my 2005 Oceanis 373 for a 2012 Sense 50. Currently preparing the boat for the R
catalanc at 7:17pm 02.22.17
Just because ...
SameODay at 4:20pm 02.22.17
I have found a 1989 Beneteau 390 that I am interested in. I have found only limited bits and pieces
rgranger at 3:40pm 02.22.17
Had an exciting day. I placed an order for a brand new mainsail from Bacon Sails. They said 4 to
David Hopkins at 3:29pm 02.22.17
My ladder has a habit of popping out of its place. I'd like a way to keep it in place. I believe my
glaufman at 12:01pm 02.22.17
Hi All... planning a few spring projects here... bow cleats and pulpit are loose on the foredeck, wh

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Catalina 275
Codybear at 4:38am 02.24.17
Is there going to be a dedicated 275S forum? I'd love to hear from other owners. I message'd the hi
Replacing the House Batteries-- Choices??
Maine Sail at 4:34am 02.24.17
This may help some of you under stand why so many boats are using 6V or 12V golf car or sweeper/scru
Smile for the day
SFS at 4:23am 02.24.17
A bit of a windy night last night, and this fellow had to retrieve a dock float.
Recomended Jobs to do while out of the water?
njlarry at 4:20am 02.24.17
Retorque but do not rebed, there is no need. Also stay away from 5200, I don't believe it was used b
Looking At a Cape Dory 25 and 3 different Balboa 26s
shemandr at 4:14am 02.24.17
I like the fact that you are focusing on how you are going to use the boat now. I've posted before
Recomended Jobs to do while out of the water?
Kermit at 3:44am 02.24.17
...Not to pile it on or anything but while rebuilding the boat I also re-read all the 737 manuals an
Hunter 430 - things to know and look for before purchase, design interior?
Navicula at 3:44am 02.24.17
I am in the bahamas with mine right sails really well and the 5 foot draft is great...ther
Looking for electrical wiring diagrams for a 1979 C30?   (1)
Team118 at 3:24am 02.24.17
This one doesn't have wire gauges..but it is a good trace of the re-wiring in my boat. Good luck!
Cleaning up a cast iron keel
Barn-dog at 3:04am 02.24.17
I just had the iron keel on my Hunter 34 soda blasted. It must be done correctly, so I let the mari
Replacing the House Batteries-- Choices??
Barn-dog at 2:46am 02.24.17
Monitor West Marine. They always run sales on batteries in March/April. Consider a deep cycle for
Hunter 326 Blisters
Unwrittentimeline at 2:46am 02.24.17
I haven't seen a lot of 326 bottoms, but I have a 2002 that has been in the water most of it's life.
WinchRite failure
LloydB at 12:28am 02.24.17
6 feet of rode ought to resolve it. :)
Boom traveller or stock sheet
Joe at 11:55pm 02.23.17
The traveler's function isn't to "trim" the sail per se.... such as altering its twist to match cond
Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew   (3)
artboas at 10:50pm 02.23.17
Motor mounts: When dealing with replacing the motor mounts I found an odd thing. The rear mount bra
gpd955 at 10:06pm 02.23.17
Is it also in the bilge area just aft of the forward berth? Maybe coming in from your anchor locker
Burping Yanmar 2GM20
Ralph Johnstone at 10:00pm 02.23.17
Is that your original engine? How many hours and how does it stay so clean? That's the original eng
Yanmar mixing elbow gasket   (3)
Ralph Johnstone at 9:44pm 02.23.17
So I took a closer look - there's a tiny crack (corrosion) on the outside, where the pipe meets the
Replacing the House Batteries-- Choices??   (1)
Captn Scotty at 9:37pm 02.23.17
I was looking at these golf cart batteries in a Canadian Costco, are they the same as the ones Mains
Secure the companionway ladder   (1)
David Hopkins at 9:01pm 02.23.17
I installed a barrel bolt at the top of the ladder. I had to drill a few holes, being careful not to
Shaft size Catalina 315, 2014
Stu Jackson at 8:54pm 02.23.17
Sorry you didn't get any answers sooner, but since the very nice C315 is a new boat, there may not b

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