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Hip Toe.....   (1)
FasterHorses at 12:59pm 11.22.17
Season's Greetings to you all So, I had a left hip replacement surgery on 14 Nov., and it has been
BlowMeAway at 11:25am 11.22.17
Ahoy Mates, hope you have a wonderful and blessed reunion with family and friends. Donít forget to t
Brian D at 7:00am 11.22.17
James Magill at 6:53am 11.22.17
Hello all, Just had a gentleman give me a Venture 17. Its not in the best of conditions but not my f
Brian D at 6:52am 11.22.17
I lost my phone!
Mind trick   (1)
Brian D at 6:34am 11.22.17
Stare at the picture. I mean really stare at it. Interesting how the mind puts color where there is
seadaddler at 4:25am 11.22.17
what have you done for your rear berth bedding and looking for ways to make my wifeís life easy when
EditorC22NSA at 4:11am 11.22.17
Reviews of all four Catalina 22 models (Original, New Design, Mk-II and Sport) are now available on
Rich Stidger at 10:16pm 11.21.17
I have a 1997 h40.5 with the Morse MV-2 single lever control for throttle and transmission. The con
Jerry Clark H356 SV Persi at 8:51pm 11.21.17
iím replacing my transducer due to Failed paddle wheel and temp sensor. Plan on using old wiring, c
Volkswatson at 6:12pm 11.21.17
Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has done this conversion and if I need a new fuel pump, or will t
angelab at 3:43pm 11.21.17
Hello, I am replacing the rub rail, and I would like to know if I can drill the hull in order to att
Rosetta Stone10263 at 1:19pm 11.21.17
Nothing but crickets from Rig-Rite. I've been trying to find out if my traveler car can be repaired
kampuniform at 11:51am 11.21.17
Just started a Facebook page devoted to Yamaha sailboats. It's in its formative stages just now, bu
Brian D at 10:47am 11.21.17
Rick D at 10:26am 11.21.17
So, reading the manual for my new solar panels, I see that if they are wired in parallel, they insis
karellen at 10:21am 11.21.17
Had a H356 surveyed yesterday and the topic of the ball valve recall came up. The boat has "Marine H
Head Sail at 10:18am 11.21.17
Could this be the future of sailing? rx2qG_YMrDs
dscribner at 10:02am 11.21.17
There's only 8 of us. It might be nice to know who to swap notes with. Don Biddeford, ME
scott hall at 8:31am 11.21.17
Where is the best place to have a bilge type pump. I sometimes get water in cockpit port lassereth

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Replacing Raymarine E26031 Speed/Temp Transducer
Jerry Clark H356 SV Persi at 2:05pm 11.22.17
Nick: Was the old wire tied to anything? Mine should connect to the ST60 at the helm. Is there so
FTZ 94284 Terminal Crimper
Maine Sail at 1:42pm 11.22.17
Just a suggestion, maybe you could put a short blurb in your article about this counterfeit tool iss
FTZ 94284 Terminal Crimper
Maine Sail at 1:37pm 11.22.17
Guys, The easiest method I've found to drill lugs in the field, and yes budget wise, for the owner,
weinie at 1:25pm 11.22.17
May your stuffing box be always filled with, well... stuffing!
Hip Toe.....
JRacer at 1:16pm 11.22.17
Wife had both done last year about six months apart. She was off work for about 4-6 weeks with each
Blocking Diodes
Bill Roosa at 1:08pm 11.22.17
And before it gets said. boost converters are simply a coil of wire, a diode and a cap that you can
2000 26X Steering linkage broke   (4)
shermdigs54 at 1:01pm 11.22.17
Here are the photos of what is left of the piece that broke off (it is some sort of nut with the thr
Windlass leak
seadaddler at 12:54pm 11.22.17
I reinstalled my windlass top yesterday sealing it all with marine sealer and waited it to dry and a
Peggie Hall HeadMistress at 12:53pm 11.22.17
Notable Thanksgiving observations: "Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hours to prepare. They are consume
Catalina 27 Holding Tank Pump Out Problem
Peggie Hall HeadMistress at 12:49pm 11.22.17
I have a deck fitting, but I always feel like the pump out hose terminal doesn't really secure a vac
Catalina 27 Holding Tank Pump Out Problem
jeepbluetj at 12:46pm 11.22.17
.... BTW, I'm never satisfied that several inches of fluid is always left in the tank after a pump o
Blocking Diodes
Bill Roosa at 12:27pm 11.22.17
FWIW a boost converter with fixed 14.4 volts output connected to a PWM controller will probably give
Mind trick
Will Gilmore at 12:20pm 11.22.17
I think our ruined my night vision. But, way cool:waycool: - Will (Dragonfly)
Kermie or Mr. Ed?
Will Gilmore at 12:15pm 11.22.17
I suspect it's a failed Chinese genetics experiment. There might be some serious identity issues g
Blocking Diodes
Bill Roosa at 12:15pm 11.22.17
Ok, blocking diodes in this case are keeping a (example) fully lit panel from acting like a voltage
Will Gilmore at 12:12pm 11.22.17
I think that's where we get the word 'imp.' Happy thanks giving. Will ( "over stuffed," Dragonfly)
h40.5 Throttle/Shift cable replacement
Karl13265 at 12:11pm 11.22.17
I've checked on mine, well partially at least and I don't think it should be too difficult. I'm loo
BlowMeAway at 12:05pm 11.22.17
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. y Larson?
Motor Mount for Outboard Engine on 45 Oceanis
Barryr8195 at 12:03pm 11.22.17
CORRECTION--The outboard mount is actually on horizontal rails between two stanchions. However, the
The new AC boat
JimInPB at 12:01pm 11.22.17
Just came across this from Sail.

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