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DoubleDutch1962 at 10:25am 07.14.20
I'm in the process of buying a 36CC in a different country, which I have not seen yet. I will travel
Ran-Dee9229 at 10:17am 07.14.20
I have an M-12 two-cylinder 10 HP Universal Diesel inboard motor in my 1984 ODay 28. I replaced the
Artey1 at 9:47am 07.14.20
Well I found this little gem while cleaning and doing other refit related items... What does everyon
docsooner08 at 9:44am 07.14.20
Just purchased a new to me 1999 Hunter 240 and got her in the water. I have a question on the swing
loneshark64 at 9:42am 07.14.20
Looking for any ideas here before I go tearing the boat apart (aaaagain). I have a 1985 O'Day 28. I
acepilot123 at 9:20am 07.14.20
In order to use a pump out station do you have to close the through haul valve after the Macerator ,
jviss at 8:06am 07.14.20
I've seen some really nice, high-end yachts at anchor that have their mast and spars illuminated. I
Justin_NSA at 7:53am 07.14.20
I need to replace my old cockpit speakers anyway, but I wanted to check before I take my saw to it.
AlastairLC at 7:11am 07.14.20
Randy Church at 2:59am 07.14.20
The lower lifeline hole of my stanchions have a plastic snap-in pieces on both sides that protect th
Ken Afloat at 8:32pm 07.13.20
Hi. I got a nice used Catalina 14.2 Expo this season. After a sail yesterday I noticed that there wa
Pagan Baby at 7:13pm 07.13.20
My new to me boat has a club footed jib. When off the wind with the sheet eased the leach twists off
Sable Sailor at 7:08pm 07.13.20
I've a 1986 Legend 45 that has had the shower sumps removed (don't ask me why). I'd like to replace
Canonshooternb at 7:06pm 07.13.20
I have a Jabsco Electric head that did not draw much sea water in during flushing. So my first fix
Krh142 at 6:17pm 07.13.20
Hello everyone! As I mentioned above, I'm the proud new owner of a beautiful silverline dolphin 17 f
markb_nc at 4:51pm 07.13.20
KeelMePlz at 4:41pm 07.13.20
JohnEh at 3:21pm 07.13.20
I recently acquired a 2000 Hunter 410. The boat had a rub rail with the gray rubber which had been p
JohnEh at 3:15pm 07.13.20
I recently acquired a 2000 Hunter 410. I have become aware of a sump box discharge system which disc
Woodrowbr at 2:44pm 07.13.20
Hello everyone, I recently was able to get the old Yanmar Ysm12 in my Hunter 30 running with the he

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Size Boat Name Decal - Beneteau Oceanis 36CC
Justin_NSA at 10:29am 07.14.20
Can't help with a size that fits. I think regs may dictate the minimum size thoufh. You also need to
How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?
capta at 10:26am 07.14.20
I see them all the time and think they're pretty cool, but I don't know what fixture they use. Defen
How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?
Jackdaw at 10:25am 07.14.20
Common factory option now; blue LEDs seem less 'bug friendly', so you often see white and blue both
Battery Switch Help
Stu Jackson at 10:21am 07.14.20
Thanks Ron, Can you send me your diagram? @Ron20324 Can you send it to me, too. I'd like to inc
Battery Switch Help
Stu Jackson at 10:19am 07.14.20
They are really very similar systems to provide simultaneous operation and isolation, with the abil
Ball Bearing Autoprop Assistane
MikeHoncho at 10:17am 07.14.20
I can't answer that question with any authority as the prop was on the boat when I bought her. But,
First-time Sailbaot Owner - Hunter 240 Swing Keel Question
Rick Macdonald at 10:12am 07.14.20
I imagine the mechanism would be similar to my 1995 H23.5. My uphaul travels at least 18 inches. Whe
Shields VAC XHD 148 hose
Peggie Hall HeadMistress at 9:59am 07.14.20
About 10 years is the average lifespan of any hose because rubber and plastics dry out, 'causing 'em
How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?
Rich Stidger at 9:53am 07.14.20
@jviss - All of the above are good suggestions, but if you were to build a raging campfire on your d
Pump out on Hunter
Rich Stidger at 9:48am 07.14.20
The macerator is a positive-displacement pump with a rubber impeller that seals the pump chamber. I
Pump out on Hunter
jssailem at 9:46am 07.14.20
Of course you have a clean and large vent hole so that will be trying to compete by adding air into
Pump out on Hunter   (1)
sail sfbay at 9:46am 07.14.20
Assuming your system looks like the diagram below, make sure the thru hull valve downstream of the m
Pump out on Hunter
jssailem at 9:44am 07.14.20
ACE... Let's think this through. You have the Thru Hull open. The Macerator is open to the Holding t
Pump out on Hunter
Peggie Hall HeadMistress at 9:43am 07.14.20
It's NOT necessary to close the thru-hull to pump out...however it should always be kept closed exce
Battery Switch Help
Ron20324 at 9:39am 07.14.20
With my 3-switch arrangement, it is alot more secure to tell a crew "turn off the (left/middle/right
How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?
jon hansen at 9:28am 07.14.20
what about bugs?
Electrocution at Lake Pleasant, AZ
Rick486 at 9:26am 07.14.20
Exactly. And that is why in a post last we I advocated plugging the shore power cord into the boat
Electrocution at Lake Pleasant, AZ
dlochner at 9:22am 07.14.20
I take it this is less of an issue in salt water, is that so? Lots of people swim off the docks in

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