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Velff at 2:26am 05.30.17
Dear members, I've found this strange piece of plastic in the stern, behind the gear (look at the p
jhogle at 8:27pm 05.29.17
I've been trailer sailing at my local yacht club so far this season, but I am getting pretty tired o
Cowpokee at 7:58pm 05.29.17
137124 Actually, I bought a trailer that came with a boat. I need to use the trailer to move anothe
Minus800 at 7:54pm 05.29.17
My Hunter 380 does not have an autopilot. I'd like to rectify this and would like to hear from other
kenkindy1 at 6:27pm 05.29.17
Hi all, I just made the move to a 1987 Seaward 24. What is the best source for parts for the Seaw
Terry Cox at 5:27pm 05.29.17
In a recent post there was a discussion about some boat mooring being cut loose by the mooring ring
kmart at 5:17pm 05.29.17
Soo, I had a encounter with a power boater this Saturday..Totally ruined my day. This post is just m
AlastairLC at 4:05pm 05.29.17
I finally found what I believe to be the fuel gauge in the sole of the port lazarette. Does anybody
Sefuller at 2:57pm 05.29.17
Last season I read with interest the How-To on Maine Sail's website detailing the use of floats on t
Randall Schmidt at 1:34pm 05.29.17
I have a 1984 Oday 28. It is my first boat with reefing lines that run from grommets in the leech (t
Weasel at 1:28pm 05.29.17
To all of the Veterans on the sailing forums. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service
Randall Schmidt at 1:20pm 05.29.17
when I flip on the DC switch to run the bilge she makes a noise like she's running and I felt a slig
mgiraz at 12:58pm 05.29.17
I have a '93 Hunter 23.5 on the original trailer. I am replacing wheels and tires with the boat on t
Windtherapy at 12:35pm 05.29.17
So refurbished my entire 17' this winter in my pole barn. First day to pull out and set the brand n
Robertashie at 12:04pm 05.29.17
Hello, Can you help please? I have just purchased a road trailer originally built by RM Trailers for
Tally Ho at 12:03pm 05.29.17
I bought my O'Day 322 3 years ago, and have not done much to the hull except wash it off before laun
s/v Mariah at 11:12am 05.29.17
Hi there, my bow pulpit on my 1981 H25 has gotten bent out of shape due to getting caught on part of
dlochner at 11:01am 05.29.17
While most of the boating world is discussing important boating topics, around my marina the convers
Ken_Smith343 at 10:40am 05.29.17
have a 2006 Beneteau 343. One hatch cover is loose and will not stay where I put it. Don't know how
HM25LB at 9:19am 05.29.17
Hi folks, I am looking at replacing my original windows on my '82 Hunter Cherubini 33. Some of them

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Kermit leaves SC to go to VA. The average I.Q. of both states goes up   (1)
Kermit at 3:52am 05.30.17
Be careful up there Crazy Dave, that is Big Foot country. Here's a listing of some of the monsters
Frustrated---ODay Daysailer 17
Windtherapy at 3:49am 05.30.17
I am imagining a lot of DS 1's have gone to the tabernacle system so unless somebody takes 2-4 inche
1982 Hunter 33 replacement windows
Jim Legere at 3:38am 05.30.17
Having replaced plastic windows in my Hunter in Canada, I had the same concerns about cost as you. I
New Battery Charger Location O35/34
DannyS at 3:35am 05.30.17
Mine sits right next to the water heater in the lazarette. I do take care to not get it wet when win
Restoration of 1981 c-22 swing keel #10580
Gene Neill at 3:15am 05.30.17
I'll be interested to see how you rig those lifelines. I was planning to use synthetics on the Albin
Oceanis 473 Clipper
Velff at 2:51am 05.30.17
Last year it was some works with shaft, but service guys are hold that they didn't touch this place
Lewmar hatches
Slipin Away at 1:12am 05.30.17
remove the plastic cover on the hinge and it will expose adjustment nuts on either side. tighten us
Legend 1992 35.5 leaning portside. What is the problem?   (1)
Hunter Ad Bot at 12:10am 05.30.17
And now a word from the sponsor... Hunter faucets and parts http://shop.sailboa
OK, so I got this boat...
vhoisington at 10:40pm 05.29.17
The stands only provide stability. The boat actually rests on the keel. You will need to block unde
Boat stands for Wing Keel
vhoisington at 10:37pm 05.29.17
If it is a wing keel the boat is probably resting on the keel and the bunks simply keep it up right.
Back in the drink!
Captn Scotty at 10:15pm 05.29.17
so, the mast went up today in less than 45 minutes, that was great. the only downside was that the d
You choke it, you clear it!..
Mark Maulden at 10:07pm 05.29.17
Buy what you like and go sailing...
Legend 1992 35.5 leaning portside. What is the problem?
jssailem at 9:38pm 05.29.17
Batteries, Anchors & chain, Motor, Fuel, Water, stuff???? They all contribute to the balance of your
Boat stands for Wing Keel
jhogle at 9:25pm 05.29.17
Do you happen to know the minimum/maximum height of those stands?
Memorial Day
Ron20324 at 9:17pm 05.29.17
We thank all the active troops... They are over there- doing what they do- so we can be over here, d
Boat stands for Wing Keel   (1)
pclarksurf at 9:12pm 05.29.17
5 stands does it for me 2 under the stern 2 just forward of the keel and a single for the bow. I ha
Seaward 24 parts -source
Ken Cross at 9:08pm 05.29.17
If nothing else, make a good drawing and go to a local machine shop. That is if no one comes up with
Restoration of 1981 c-22 swing keel #10580
pclarksurf at 9:00pm 05.29.17
Huge accomplishment ! Congrats in advance-- you only get educated once you can sail for ever
Hunter 380 Autopilot
jssailem at 8:32pm 05.29.17
Hugo One of the simplest systems to operate and install is the Raymarine EV 100 wheel. It is the low

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