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buddybear at 5:48pm 02.21.18
I have changed the fuel filters on my catalina 310 numerous times. I am familiar with how to do it,
wahoo42 at 12:10pm 02.21.18
We have a 1992 passage. The windows have pleated curtains. These are held in place top & bottom with
RWSlater at 10:26am 02.21.18
Does anyone know who services/repairs the OceanAir sliding screens? These are mounted inside on the
RWSlater at 10:24am 02.21.18
Does anyone know who services/repairs the OceanAir sliding screens? These are mounted inside on the
Marrigoround at 10:08am 02.21.18
I just bought an ‘87 hunter legend 37 and am going through the glorious process of cleaning it in pr
jarcher at 7:46am 02.21.18
I have the stock 10 gallon tank and have read that a 20 gallon would fit in the same space. Is ther
Ward H at 6:18am 02.21.18
I've been reading through Maine Sail's articles on his Marine How To site for a while. I read the ar
Plymouth Sailor at 5:08am 02.21.18
A few years back I painted my boat with Wet Edge Topside paint from Jamestown Distributors. This p
capniro at 4:33am 02.21.18
where can I get new toe rail for Beneteau 311-2003, thanks
Seaojoy at 12:30am 02.21.18
I recently purchased a 1972 Columbia 30, Hull #101. I went to the Columbia Yacht Owners Association
Ward H at 7:03pm 02.20.18
OK, I've read the explanations several times and do not see how it will benefit me. The Blue Sea do
Gene Neill at 3:59pm 02.20.18
Anyone done it? I have an ST-2000 and a Garmin 740s. I hear if they can be made to talk to each ot
kampuniform at 2:28pm 02.20.18
Hi, I Was curious if anyone knows if the Aquapro Europa is made from Hypalon or not, as I'm about
Grotto at 1:16pm 02.20.18
So wanted your thoughts install a bilge pump (battery powered), manual pump, or just use the ole buc
Whatsit at 11:41am 02.20.18
hi All This may be perhaps the stupidest question you’ve ever read on this forum. My wife and I are
Lee3170 at 7:45am 02.20.18
ok, I have searched all that I can.....need some help. does anyone know what the PHRF is on a Hunte
dehler25 at 7:32am 02.20.18
I installed a new Raymarine Ev-400 about two years ago coupled to a Mamba drive, worked quite well a
s/v Danneskjöld at 7:14am 02.20.18
I need to swap out my cutless bearing on my '79 Hunter 30. I've gotten as far as I can get without
Chris & Lenore at 7:14am 02.20.18
Upgrading electronics and now require a converter to interface my Standard Horizon VHF/AIS with the
Simon Sexton at 7:08am 02.20.18
Hey Everyone, Good morning! It's been about a week or so since I've posted anything on her

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Nature walk
Roadking Larry at 6:48pm 02.21.18
likes a smart A**:laugh: Meh, needs garlic.
To bilge or not to bilge.... That is the question
Grotto at 6:33pm 02.21.18
When if ever have you closed the seacock to the cockpit drains
Oyster Yachts in liquidation
Tally Ho at 6:23pm 02.21.18
The write up mentions the owner of 825-03. PSIII WAS 825-02. Anyone know what came of 825-01? G
Nature walk   (1)
JamesG161 at 6:23pm 02.21.18
Can't edit the language
Bypassing the winter blues
dlochner at 6:19pm 02.21.18
I too love the way my wife rolls her eyes at me and allows me to keep adding toys to my boat. The li
Changing Fuel Filters
Michael Davis at 6:16pm 02.21.18
I've never closed the return line on any diesel engine I've owned. Not sure which valve it is on you
Dripless - PSS or Lasdrop
JamesG161 at 6:10pm 02.21.18
I would say the collar reduces the chances, for sure. The seal set screws are double set to prevent
Masthead View on Seagull III
Will Gilmore at 6:06pm 02.21.18
Great pictures, thanks. -Will (Dragonfly)
Major work ahead
Will Gilmore at 6:02pm 02.21.18
Gypsy, If you are really going forward with this rebuild project. You can get crazy and play around
H36 Boom Rebuild
chichiflys at 5:55pm 02.21.18
Hi Jon - thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a look and check those out. Now is a good time to re
Masthead View on Seagull III
Ron20324 at 5:53pm 02.21.18
Jack, Jack... you're supposed to pigtail the antenna WIRE, not the ANTENNA
Major work ahead
Will Gilmore at 5:52pm 02.21.18
You might find that the sailing is more fun than the fiberglassing. You think?:poke: That really is
Bypassing the winter blues
Will Gilmore at 5:46pm 02.21.18
Ouch! Sorry to hear about your crash. Glad you weren’t hurt. Greg I got lucky in several ways. N
Bypassing the winter blues   (1)
Sailavie1 at 5:43pm 02.21.18
she just sighs, rolls her eyes I too love the way my wife rolls her eyes at me and allows me to keep
OceanAir sliding screen
Will Gilmore at 5:32pm 02.21.18
Will, you don't need water to sell and service window screens, but you do need a US shipping locatio
Major work ahead
lillia28 at 5:29pm 02.21.18
I'm usually the guy who says go for it, but if you are missing spars, sails and a motor, I say pract
Hunter 40.5 Hard Dodger
Frank P at 5:29pm 02.21.18
Alan, I used Makrolon VR which is .030" thick. I have a sailrite sewing machine which worked OK sew
ACR Start Isolation Feature Question
Ward H at 5:19pm 02.21.18
To make this work correctly, each bank needs a separate on/off switch prior to feeding the DCP switc
Bypassing the winter blues
Tally Ho at 5:14pm 02.21.18
A real, honest to goodness 'First World' problem, that. :wahwah: Well, better than having hydro pla
Hunter 40.5 Hard Dodger
Alan Johnson at 4:55pm 02.21.18
Frank Hope you can add some detail. What thickness or gauge is the Makron and was it sewn of the sa

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