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McMillanPearson28 at 1:46pm 11.17.18
I am the new owner of a 1977 Pearson 28. The boat is on land for the winter and the bilge is still f
Mark Maulden at 12:10pm 11.17.18
Been having an issue with the first season of my new Beta 35. It starts up so quick, you canít push
uralite at 10:52am 11.17.18
158547 Yeah goo. Pulled clean out plug, it was packed hard with soot. No wonder itís running with no
tcahalan at 8:27am 11.17.18
Does anyone know of a good source for teak and holly plywood to fix my cabin sole. I need to patch i
kloudie1 at 7:50am 11.17.18
This was recently launched by a childhood friend from back in the day.. He's obviously done well for
Jack Barnes at 7:12pm 11.16.18
We purchased a Hunter 44DS in Annapolis and proceeded south on the ICW. The house batteries seemed
Danvrgs at 4:35pm 11.16.18
Hello everyone this is my first post and just so happens to be my first boat purchase. I just put an
JohnAC at 3:52pm 11.16.18
Can any one tell me what 3 blade prop should be on a 1990 42 passage. just bought a 42 and performan
TaborKP! at 3:06pm 11.16.18
Refinished the transom on Wind Song, new artwork and hail. Bilge and exhaust relocated from transo
TaborKP! at 2:59pm 11.16.18
As the owner of Wind Song, I had a lovely visit with the Owners of Bounding Home, they shared a lot
agprice22 at 1:25pm 11.16.18
I found this on YouTube today... E0gb0Lb2gzM
Ron20324 at 12:35pm 11.16.18
RD424 , 4 kW, 24 inch Radome. Came as part of an EBay set, but I only needed the chart plotter displ
PropellerHead at 9:10am 11.16.18
Anyone ever try careening their boat to paint the bottom? I have a pond big enough to launch my 23.
Jackdaw at 8:45am 11.16.18
As a coda to the post on next gen sailors, here is what is happening at WYC. Our Community sailing c
Ron20324 at 8:41am 11.16.18
The following alert has been posted by the Coast Guard. Boat "My Time" has home port of Solomons Isl
Northern Rabbit at 8:22am 11.16.18
I recently acquired a 1977 Lancer 25 and with checking with the local DNR a Office on the registrati
tkwhalen at 7:20am 11.16.18
ok so here is the deal I have a 49 which is 49'11" overall with a 50 amp power connection in the ba
Markham sailing at 4:47am 11.16.18
The man sold me a boat that leaks from up in the centerboard. the board it is leaning to one side. i
ancbob at 6:51pm 11.15.18
I am trying to find a matching winch for the Barlow 16 shown below. please contact me if you have an
decktosser at 5:00pm 11.15.18
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Bulging Bilge
Don S/V ILLusion at 2:06pm 11.17.18
Follow the leak(s). And given your location (weather), time isn't in your favor
Hydrodynamic Turbulence
Bill19233 at 2:04pm 11.17.18
that is what encapsulated lead keels look like. i believe. if that is what that vessel has. i've se
Bulging Bilge
Tally Ho at 1:50pm 11.17.18
Stanchion bases, any and all other deck-penetrating hardware, how is your mast stepped? There shou
Nautical Eye Candy   (1)
TomY at 1:36pm 11.17.18
Onne van der Wal photo of Acadia in the second link.
Review please Cal 39
CharlieSea at 1:24pm 11.17.18
Cals were generally well built boats. That being said, this one is 36 years old and a lot can happe
Going off the grid for a while
Pat at 1:10pm 11.17.18
Shane, good luck to you guys on your delivery to the islands...I wish I was going.....but we've been
Another air leak thread
kloudie1 at 1:08pm 11.17.18
The stem packing on the shutoff may bear some investigation.. sometimes, a drop of oil on the stem a
Outboard: milky lower unit oil
jviss at 12:50pm 11.17.18
Picked up another good lower for $100! I now have two motors, three good lowers, and one rebuildabl
Times Up?
Kermit at 12:39pm 11.17.18
There are always possibilities. I like your approach. No way do I want any social norm dictated by
Times Up?
Mark Maulden at 12:20pm 11.17.18
I had a friend some five yrs ago that died from stage IV colon cancer. He was in his 40s. He never
Advice from Puget Sound members   (4)
John Nantz at 12:17pm 11.17.18
Some more pictures to share with your friends. One is a satellite photo, another on the air quality
Through-hull fitment question
dlochner at 12:11pm 11.17.18
No can do! But...I will certainly send you the recipe. Can't take credit for it; someone gave it
Material to fix cabin sole on a 2002 34 MKII
tcahalan at 12:06pm 11.17.18
Thanks for the timely replys.
Nautical Eye Candy
Will Gilmore at 11:58am 11.17.18
Gorgeous boat. It reminds me of a boat berthed a couple of slips down from us when I was a kid. He
Times Up?
Will Gilmore at 11:50am 11.17.18
keep at it until it no longer becomes fun. I do hope that day never comes to pass, There are always
Material to fix cabin sole on a 2002 34 MKII
Stu Jackson at 11:41am 11.17.18
Might want to join us and ask here:,11.0.html
Through-hull fitment question
BigEasy at 11:38am 11.17.18
If I send you a ball jar and a lid, would you send it back filled?:biggrin: No can do! But...I w
Hope for the next generation of sailors?
Will Gilmore at 11:14am 11.17.18
Next Gen sailing ? There's an APP for that, , some will sail
Broken engine mount stud
LakeOntario270 at 11:11am 11.17.18
I changed my Westerbeke mounts 2 years ago. It wasn't hard. The easiest way is to pull the engine
Times Up?
Terry Cox at 11:07am 11.17.18
Yesterday had a medical checkup. Other than the CDL licensing medical exams required every two years

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