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mrcampbell at 6:53am 06.19.18
I am new to sailing and just purchased a 1994 Hunter 19. The running rigging is in poor condition a
onetime at 6:38am 06.19.18
Hi all, I have a new to me 88 Mac 26D with a rotten bow eye. What I mean by that is wood that was g
MitchM at 6:20am 06.19.18
my OEM 2005 isotherm hot water heater malfunctioned. the tank was filled with h 2 0 and
tkwhalen at 6:02am 06.19.18
My high water alarm for the past year or so has gone off randomly. (Of course I'm never there to exp
clevin1234 at 5:56am 06.19.18
I just purchased a 1999 Beneteau 36 cc and would like to install an AC unit. I was wondering if anyo
jviss at 5:51am 06.19.18
How about a sub-forum in "forums for all users" for Electronics? GPS, wind/depth/speed instruments,
Will Gilmore at 3:55am 06.19.18
I have been thinking about the relationship of sailing and philosophy and thought it would be great
Siren at 10:04pm 06.18.18
What do you use for cup holders while sitting and enjoying drinks in the cockpit? Amazon has a few
Brian D at 8:09pm 06.18.18
JasperWa at 1:47pm 06.18.18
Greetings- We have a 1987 Hunter 26.5. We raised the mast early in the season and everything tested
norton44 at 12:23pm 06.18.18
just purchased a 1996 445 Beneteau. passed survey with minor repairs needed. motored it 24 hours at
KeukaSailer at 12:10pm 06.18.18
Just did my first full rig up in preparation for my (new to me) 146's first sail. Noticed something
SEMPERAVANTI41 at 11:52am 06.18.18
I am having issues with the GPS heading indication on my Raymarine E120. As indicated by the RED vec
Jkirkendall91 at 11:33am 06.18.18
Checked impeller and its not damaged. Diesel engine overheating and raw water is not exiting back of
Jimongee at 11:32am 06.18.18
I have a 2002 356 with a Yanmar 3GM30F. It current has the 55@ OEM alternator. There is no problem
Daddio417 at 11:19am 06.18.18
wondering if anyone can provide a photo or detailed description of the a/n setup. New to this boat at 10:35am 06.18.18
Hi all, I'm in the process of finalizing a purchase on a 1997 Cat30 MKIII. My previous boat, a 199
Fred at 10:23am 06.18.18
We are planning to spend some time in the Georgian Bay, Killbear / Parry Sound area this summer. W
Loose Ends at 9:34am 06.18.18
I have been chasing my tail with this Glow Plug Heater issue, and I could use some ideas. Problem is
David Perlis at 9:12am 06.18.18
Hi— I've spent some time sailing/living aboard tall ships, but don't have much terribly experience

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another newbie, hull #12502   (1)
rpludwig at 7:20am 06.19.18
152389 c @ .333, that converts to ~ your 10mm slugs would be a no go, I'd use the metal
Cat 30 a good first time boat?
Meriachee at 7:12am 06.19.18
I would consider the 27, and the early 28's inadequate to live on. Our 270 does not have enough stor
Mainsail settup   (1)
rpludwig at 7:12am 06.19.18
Siren....I'll stop by the boat tmrro and take a pic and measure what we have, couple/several sail st
Sailboat surveyor New orleans
BobHorn at 7:11am 06.19.18
I did check with the last surveyor we used here in Clear Lake but he could not recommend anyone in t
1993 C30 MkIII Tall Rig w/ Wing Keel - Update
Ken Cross at 7:05am 06.19.18
@Ward H What a great event. Loved the images. Boat looks great. Worth the trials you went through to
Marinco locking ring broke
odaydokay at 7:03am 06.19.18
Tried this AM from the male end and that is no go, so will go to the female end as you suggest. Sur
Cat 30 a good first time boat?
JK_Boston_Catalina310 at 7:02am 06.19.18
Before buying, haul it out and check for the “Catalina smile” (not a good thing). Only necessary on
Sailboat surveyor New orleans
jmce1587 at 7:01am 06.19.18
sorry to hear the trouble. since you are in Kemah, it may benefit you to talk to a local Kemah surv
1993 C30 MkIII Tall Rig w/ Wing Keel - Update
Don Guillette at 6:57am 06.19.18
Don, I have room to run two more lines to the cockpit. I was thinking cunningham and boom vang. I ca
Hull cleaning
JK_Boston_Catalina310 at 6:56am 06.19.18
No pictures, so this is just a guess. Sometimes a Mister Clean eraser can clean up some small marks.
Marinco locking ring broke
CaptKimble at 6:54am 06.19.18
I upgraded to a smart plug. Easy Peasy when it's time to plug in.
Mid-Boat Cleats
JK_Boston_Catalina310 at 6:51am 06.19.18
. I shall forego bow chocks and will invest in sacrificial (leather, likely) for where the mooring l
Jackdaw at 6:45am 06.19.18
Our Thursday beer cans had the same rules as week end regattas. Exactly. Racing is racing, having a
H26 Drop Down Table Mod
Ian M at 6:45am 06.19.18
Rade001, I really like your table mod. It looks like you used channel aluminum for the supports.
Hold My Drink!   (2)
pateco at 6:45am 06.19.18
I have been using these Robocup Cup Holders for a couple of years now, and they have been awesome. O
Sailboat surveyor New orleans
BobHorn at 6:44am 06.19.18
Thanks for all the replies. My problem is that the broker for the boat is Murray Yachts and the boat
Catalina 387 heater hose leak
MitchM at 6:41am 06.19.18
leaking engine antifreeze at this white plastic connection may make your engine run ho
Fresh water pump issue
1951seayalater at 6:34am 06.19.18
Will do thanks
Massasauga Provincial Park
Scott B at 6:25am 06.19.18
Yes Henry's is open. Franklin is one of our go-to spots on the weekends. Lots of little bays you ca
Fresh water pump issue
MitchM at 6:24am 06.19.18
if your sink faucet is dripping you may want to check whether it needs new washers t

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