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Canonshooternb at 8:13pm 03.26.19
I know there is so many variations and personal preferences on line types and sizing but would like
Rick Webb at 6:48pm 03.26.19
Our youth sailing program may be disposing of a boat to make way for a donation to our program. Cutt
S/V Talisa at 4:31pm 03.26.19
Hi, On my Hunter 45CC, the factory saw fit to insert a solenoid between the house and starter batter
Brian D at 4:29pm 03.26.19
I know this is not an "Ask All Sailors" but I just wanted to inform anyone that there are slips avai
Little Kai at 8:41am 03.26.19
Where can I find/locate the cap for the water strainer/filter so I can look and insure there isn't a
Project_Mayhem at 7:35am 03.26.19
Is the forestay strong enough to support 220+ lbs hanging off of the boom?
GonzoF1 at 7:14am 03.26.19
I was topping off our GC-2 batteries this weekend and found an every-so-slight bulge in the battery'
Sumner at 6:44am 03.26.19
We have been in the Bahamas for about a month now. Left the boatyard on Florida's west coast Feb. 1
dlochner at 4:39am 03.26.19
As we think about spring outfitting, here's one item that we all need. I think I'll go with the encl
MightyMike at 4:25am 03.26.19
If there is an answer to this question, I will find it here. I have an after market auto Alpine DV
jeffschulz at 8:09pm 03.25.19
I have a 1997 Hunter 376 which had rain water leaking down the mast pole into the cabin. It damaged
mister_j at 7:01pm 03.25.19
Iím trying to replace the C-map card reader in my Raymarine RL70C pathfinder series display, and Iím
Ozpilot414 at 5:24pm 03.25.19
Looking to replace the inside cabin soul as most of it is water logged and rotting. Is there a way t
dashaw at 5:19pm 03.25.19
Hi All, I am new to the forum, I just purchased a 1978 O'Day 27 that has been dismast. I am looking
Viktor Eysselein at 4:32pm 03.25.19
Please tell me how to exchange GPS antenna on Hunter 45CC 2008. Mine is defect. Thanks, Viktor
CharlesWashburn at 4:19pm 03.25.19
Hello, I'd like to replace these anchor drain scoops on my B473. Anyone find a source for a stainl
Ward H at 12:43pm 03.25.19
I think this is a good thing. There's a marine mechanic who spends the winter in our marina working
SEMPERAVANTI41 at 11:43am 03.25.19
I have had a number of issues with Lewmar 140TT bow thruster on my 41DS. Thruster worked perfectly b
Steinija at 11:11am 03.25.19
the steering wheel on mye Beneteau 350 (1997) is sliding back and forth in the pedestal. I cannot se
whudatt at 10:38am 03.25.19
Good morning all, does anyone out there happen to know the stock lengths of the upper & lower shroud

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Open CPN and Tablets
MightyMike at 8:11pm 03.26.19
I have been using Opencpn on a 3 or 4 year old LG tablet with Android 5. I mostly use it on the boat
Anyone Actually Cut up a Sailboat for Disposal?
Captain Ron 18 at 8:01pm 03.26.19
Last season, there were a couple of guys who were tasked with cutting up 2 very sad neglected and ab
Anyone Actually Cut up a Sailboat for Disposal?
Close Call at 7:58pm 03.26.19
The marina where I keep my boat busts them up with a backhoe and crams them into a rented dumpster.
1978 ODay 27 Standing Rigging and Spar Specifications
dashaw at 7:35pm 03.26.19
Looks very close to a Catalina 27 tall rig.
Car Navigation Deck on Boat
MightyMike at 7:35pm 03.26.19
So, maybe charts on the gaps is too high a tree to climb. But it does have a video port for a backup
Anyone Actually Cut up a Sailboat for Disposal?
Roland5048 at 7:34pm 03.26.19
I know someone who parted out and then cut up a 28 - 30 footer with a Saws-All putting the remains i
1978 ODay 27 Standing Rigging and Spar Specifications
dashaw at 7:31pm 03.26.19
It looks like the freeboard and cabin height are approximately 5 feet so I am estimating about 33 1/
Aeolus - the god of all winds
Michael Davis at 7:28pm 03.26.19
It's no wonder tornadoes pickup frogs, cows, houses, and sharks. And don't forget Dorthy and Toto!
Found a 2003 C310
John Tubb at 7:27pm 03.26.19
That is impressive in the value they seem to be holding. Obviously a boat is a terrible negative th
Aeolus - the god of all winds   (1)
Will Gilmore at 7:26pm 03.26.19
the winds around the bottom of a tornado blow towards the funnel not away from it Jon, if you are re
H260 Single line reefing   (1)
Lee3170 at 7:26pm 03.26.19
You can sort of make out the blocks on the sail. It is like the beneteau just I ran the line out of
Changing Sanitation Hose
Peggie Hall HeadMistress at 7:25pm 03.26.19
I have the a fitting with 1.5 inch barb (from Lowes) and 1.5 inch Trident 102 and WOW - I can't coup
Car Navigation Deck on Boat
MightyMike at 7:24pm 03.26.19
I should probably be more trusting, but i have spent too many hours listening to tech support saying
Car Navigation Deck on Boat
MightyMike at 7:21pm 03.26.19
Thanks for the link. I thought there might be some kind of universal map translator available. It so
Question for 1980 Oday 28 owners
rogjack2 at 7:18pm 03.26.19
Thanks. I have researched their o0tions. Might work out ok
Aeolus - the god of all winds
Will Gilmore at 7:15pm 03.26.19
Those are amazing photos :plus: -Will (Dragonfly)
Anyone Actually Cut up a Sailboat for Disposal?
Will Gilmore at 7:14pm 03.26.19
I did it to my old hobie 18 with a chainsaw. Cut the metal cross frame out and the hull into 6 piec
Aeolus - the god of all winds
Michael Davis at 7:13pm 03.26.19
Those are amazing photos!!!!
Changing Sanitation Hose
907Juice at 7:12pm 03.26.19
I don't mean to be critical and I certainly respect your desire to not get gouged, but Ö. If I had t
H260 Single line reefing   (1)
Lee3170 at 7:11pm 03.26.19
GB we have single line reef line on our 270 routed back to the double spin lock on the port side. We

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