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rpludwig at 7:17am 08.15.18
I see discussions going on regarding propane tank sizes/storage issues, etc. Aside from that, looki
jbreland at 4:44am 08.15.18
On my hunter 26 on the port side (where the rope clutches) would normally go, these bracket remnants
eianm at 8:22pm 08.14.18
On my passage 42 I have always lusted after an electric upgrade for my main cabin top winch. At a r
ObiQuiet at 6:19pm 08.14.18
In considering outboards, I like the idea of the Tohatsu propane, but I really want to find a way to
BrianRobin at 5:58pm 08.14.18
Hi Folk, My wife spotted this on our trip last week, wish now I had looked a little closer, any Idea
Valerio at 5:04pm 08.14.18
My H41 has wings so at 45 degree is when the wing is at is max deep, but also the keel is so angled
BrianRobin at 4:05pm 08.14.18
Hi Folk, My wife spotted this on our trip last week, wish now I had looked a little closer, any Idea
MitchK at 2:26pm 08.14.18
All, been awhile. Lots of things going on, so not much boat work. Finally finished re-wiring, re-she
jsmac at 12:52pm 08.14.18
Hello, I have a 1998 410 with in-mast furled mainsail. This rig uses an outhaul car mounted to a tr
captainpoppy at 11:58am 08.14.18
If anyone knows of an available Hunter 15, ACP preferred over FRP, please let me know. Text to 901-5
SVMusic at 11:33am 08.14.18
We have a 2000 Beneteau and it has the original windlass made by Leroy Somer. After taking the moto
gigasloop at 11:17am 08.14.18
I have a 2008 Hunter 36 with a Lewmar pedestal and guard. The pedestal guard has detached at the co
rustyw007 at 10:41am 08.14.18
Hi everyone, I did a quick search but didn't come up with much. Does anyone have any lessons learne
Kplakes at 10:14am 08.14.18
I have a 1982 27 Cherubini it has roller furling. Was that standard for Hunter boats from the factor
Boathouse Bunkie at 10:13am 08.14.18
Hello! We rescued this 40 year old beauty from the wrecking ball and hope to bring her back to life
tipsyravensailing at 8:31am 08.14.18
Heya all! Made it out to lake mich this weekend and had a blast. i learned some things about the b
Franklin at 6:21am 08.14.18
Posted this on a cruising forum but no responses so I thought I would try here. Anybody here sail o
john6206 at 5:30am 08.14.18
Hi All - I have a feeling this topic has been covered, but I couldn't find anything by doing a sea
TomY at 4:23am 08.14.18
was a resounding success! Museum is a fascinating facility (we know, having been there). Coming by
veikop at 10:22pm 08.13.18
Hello I just bought 1982 C&C 30E (European version, made in Sweden) Problem is, i cant find hull num

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Slightly different focus
justsomeguy at 8:50am 08.15.18
Its how you can tell what we're doing. In that respect, I can see the reason for your sticklerhood.
Moving to Melbourne, FL   (7)
Leatherneck at 8:45am 08.15.18
No pics?? Glad you made it Here you go:
Hunter 26 ( what was mounted here)
jbreland at 8:44am 08.15.18
nothing similar on the bow, I'm going to remove them and put rope clutches there, but was just wonde
Small gel coat holes in Non-Skid
Guan at 8:40am 08.15.18
yeah I do likewise tks.
Tropical Storm Kristy   (1)
Will Gilmore at 8:33am 08.15.18
PS: I think it may be the Scots:biggrin:
Slightly different focus
Jackdaw at 8:25am 08.15.18
Hey, that flag's on the port quarter! :biggrin: Get better and keep having fun. One other point abo
Hunter 26 ( what was mounted here)
markwbird at 8:20am 08.15.18
Normally rope clutches are on the cabin top. That looks like it may be some kind of click in place
Moving to Melbourne, FL
Justin_NSA at 8:20am 08.15.18
No pics?? Glad you made it!
I think its a hull number. What do you think?
VenturED at 8:18am 08.15.18
Knuttle, when you indicate it is on a starboard stringer, that's what I referred to as a hull suppor
Need Help Identifing A Boat
Brian D at 8:13am 08.15.18
Since you can ID the cove line, you might be able to find it here. These cove line identifiers might
Slightly different focus
Jackdaw at 8:10am 08.15.18
Nice to see you can skip being competitive from time to time. My wife hates “spirited” sails and th
Slightly different focus   (1)
Jackdaw at 8:06am 08.15.18
Nice JD, gotta love professional yacht shots. Looks just as described...Fun!!!. Sorry I’m late to th
how flat do you sail your hunter ?
Jackdaw at 7:56am 08.15.18
the keel and draft were only an observation of like old american cup sailboat (the frist one was fro
LONGER lengths of anchor-lead chain
pateco at 7:47am 08.15.18
@JimInPB Here is a great video link to Steve Goodwin's tests. l59f-OjWoq0 Can you set an anchor with
how flat do you sail your hunter ?
Jackdaw at 7:45am 08.15.18
20 degrees is the max heel you should ever sail for optimum performance. Not only do you slide-slip
Maine Sail at 7:44am 08.15.18
Making a dodger requires a pattern of the existing frame. Anything short of this will not fit right.
C22 New Style "Stormwatch" Purchase and Refit
rpludwig at 7:40am 08.15.18
I found this thread because I am also looking for a propane tank to fit that locker. The Worthingt
Hunter 410, Mainsail Outhaul Car
jsmac at 7:33am 08.15.18
Yes, you are correct.
how flat do you sail your hunter ?
JamesG161 at 7:32am 08.15.18
My sincere apology @Valerio the word "wings" was a bit confusing to me.:redface: The "shoal keel" ,
Tohatsu 5hp propane outboard?
John Tubb at 7:32am 08.15.18
Lehr got a pretty bad rep and seems to have reliability problems. This probably turns off most to p

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