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Bob S at 12:42pm 11.12.19
I'm almost done installing a Raritan Elegance head and am trying to find a good location for the sma
merlera at 10:17am 11.12.19
i bought a clipper 361 beneteau and the previous owner told me that the fridge doesnt starts when yo
def at 9:57am 11.12.19
My 20 sails fine. The interior, however, needs some help. I will probably have several questions, bu
Giro at 9:25am 11.12.19
I have been observing photos of Macgregor 25s which appear to have been converted to cutter rigs. It
Dr. D at 7:52am 11.12.19
The fuel gauge was showing a bit over 3/4 full. As the season is coming to a close, I went to the fu
Syntonos at 7:48am 11.12.19
Does anyone know the O.D. of the cutlass bearing? while the shaft is 22mm ( 7/8) the O.D. of off th
jk kudera at 6:05am 11.12.19
I have an Icom handheld, and it will receive but wont send, anyone know of a repair service?
Justin_NSA at 5:44am 11.12.19
I have a really stupid question. I confess, I don't know my sanitation system well enough. We hauled
Project_Mayhem at 5:36am 11.12.19
I have a shoal keel that's 4-6' long. I had to do repairs last year after water froze and cracked th
mermike at 4:20am 11.12.19
I have a Yanmar 3GM30F with a Racor 220 fuel filter. The housing has a crack and I'm sizing a replac
richk at 2:30am 11.12.19
I have a boat with two of a/c units, a 16 and a 5. While winterizing I can get the antifreeze to flo
merlera at 11:17pm 11.11.19
i bought a clipper 361 beneteau and the previous owner told me that the fridge doesnt starts when yo
Christian Sailing at 5:42pm 11.11.19
hmorse at 5:12pm 11.11.19
Beautiful race day on Lake Hartwell is upstate SC when rudder on my 1983 S2 6.7 suddenly became unre
Rltgold at 11:22am 11.11.19
Sorry if this subject has been covered. I'm looking for suggestion for keeping my 22 battery top off
Allowishish at 10:46am 11.11.19
My wife and I are planning on attending the Annapolis Boat show next year. The October one is really
hj5150 at 10:45am 11.11.19
NYSail at 10:10am 11.11.19
So I replaced my cap When I first bought boat as the old cap looked original and was all rusty. So I
Coolwhip at 9:19am 11.11.19
Hi, sorry not a boat owner but I had a question I figured you guys would have ran into this the most
riversloth at 8:58am 11.11.19
I have a 88 hunter legend 37. I had the boat moved right after purchase and after the marina put th

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Raritan Smart Toilet Control with Multifunction Panel
Peggie Hall HeadMistress at 1:55pm 11.12.19
How 'bout the bulkhead behind the toilet? You'd have to stand up to flush the toilet, but you shoul
Holding tank pumpout question
Stu Jackson at 1:54pm 11.12.19
This might help, although they left out what I think is the best option - head to Y valve, either to
Fuel gauge is a poor guess
Stu Jackson at 1:48pm 11.12.19
Using hours is only approximate because it depends on load. A better indicator will be based on rpm
Fuel gauge is a poor guess
Pizzazz at 1:12pm 11.12.19
Accurate level measurement depends on the tank shape and the boat motion, of course. However, most o
Metric pex tubing with imperial fittings
Coolwhip at 1:10pm 11.12.19
So imperial fittings wouldn't work with metric pex....even in the cases where they are very close to
Hunter 28.5 powered by Yanmar 2GM20F   (3)
Ralph Johnstone at 1:02pm 11.12.19
If they're 20 years old, there's more than a good chance your mounts are sitting lower 171979
Rudder replacement 93 Legend 37.5
Whatfiero1 at 12:56pm 11.12.19
You have a trailer so that changes things. let tung down to ground use your car jack and go all way
Replacing reefing line sheeves on a 1983 Beneteau First 38
Michael Davis at 12:39pm 11.12.19
If you're like me you worry that it will be harder than it is. I was surprised at how easy and strai
Holding tank pumpout question
Bob S at 12:36pm 11.12.19
You definitely want to understand how your system works so tracing everything is important. A few se
Modified sloop to cutter rig
jon hansen at 12:33pm 11.12.19 click on this and read
Sailing/Tacking at anchor
JK_Boston_Catalina310 at 12:33pm 11.12.19
We live on the hook or a mooring, we have spent less than 60 nights at a dock since 2015. Our Catali
Modified sloop to cutter rig
dlochner at 12:16pm 11.12.19
A 25 foot boat is a little small to convert to a cutter rig. The sail area on the staysail will be q
Metric pex tubing with imperial fittings
JK_Boston_Catalina310 at 12:13pm 11.12.19
Basically there are 3 pex options, marine (15 mm), imperial (1/2-3/4 inch most common) and metric (1
Holding tank pumpout question
Captain Larry-DH at 12:13pm 11.12.19
If the tank is shaped to conform to the bilge it's probably narrow at the bottom and gets wider near
Fuel gauge is a poor guess
jssailem at 12:10pm 11.12.19
Boat fuel gauges are NOT car fuel gauges, and boat gauges are horribly unreliable. Doesn't matter h
Gary Jobson autograph
Jackdaw at 12:09pm 11.12.19
I tend to agree with cb32863. Not really sure about millions. BUT, that being said... I have an a
Holding tank pumpout question
jssailem at 12:07pm 11.12.19
can you say gag a maggot. :yikes::laugh::laugh::laugh: SO graphically true.
Replacing reefing line sheeves on a 1983 Beneteau First 38
JuanMarcos at 12:02pm 11.12.19
Thank you very much. I will definitely check it out, and hope it's as obvious to me as it was to you
Cockpit Teak Removal
JuanMarcos at 11:58am 11.12.19
Hi I accidentally spilled some diesel on one of the panels and the corner ( about a 1/3 of the pane
Hunter 28.5 powered by Yanmar 2GM20F
dmax at 11:47am 11.12.19
If they're 20 years old, there's more than a good chance your mounts are sitting lower - if you get

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