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John Marrone at 7:49pm 10.19.21
We have a new 2021 8HP Outboard on a 1987 Cat 22 in a salt water slip and looking for a Flushing Bag
fosasha at 5:48pm 10.19.21
We recently purchased this boat, Dulce Suenos, which is a Bombay Clipper 31, 1979. Needs some elbow
Crusty Ol Salt at 5:07pm 10.19.21
Hello my friends, I is there are service manual for the H280? Looking for data on servicing the st
David B. at 3:48pm 10.19.21
The 2007 MacGregor 26M Owner's Instructions specify that trailer lug nuts be tightened to "90 to 95
PEDRO MENDES PINTO at 3:23pm 10.19.21
Dear sirs, I bought in 2020 an beneteau 473 2003 standart mast. Since i begin sailing it i felt it s
AlastairLC at 1:58pm 10.19.21
NYSail at 11:59am 10.19.21
So I am going to replace my water heater and would like some advise.....Have a Seaward 11 gallon tha
Richardwm at 10:44am 10.19.21
Hey, all. I have had this part since I got my O'Day 34 some years ago, but I cant for the life of me
CYQK at 5:16am 10.19.21
Looking to source a 12 m gear Anyone have a good experience on that? Thks
Monheganlover at 6:48pm 10.18.21
My new to me 2002 Catalina 310 had an odor issue. I replaced all the waste hoses and installed a lar
randerson5726 at 5:44pm 10.18.21
What sealant should I use on the threads of the access port of my fuel tank? The tank is aluminum. I
TimFromLI at 4:37pm 10.18.21
My perkins 4.108 has a nice hand pump permanently attached to the engine that allows me to pump the
Brianstanis at 12:50pm 10.18.21
Hi everyone, I am planning to move to Florida in the near future and could like to know if anyone ca
ChrisHunter at 11:50am 10.18.21
I need to remove my DS10 from the bulkhead on my 92 Hunter 30. As I look at the back of the unit, t
gfrost39 at 10:03am 10.18.21
I wish to properly tune my Hunter 23 shroud tension but do not see the information in the boat owne
Udi at 8:42am 10.18.21
Hi! I have a Maxwell windlass in Hunter 45 2010 (don't know the exact model of that windlass) A p
jim01749 at 8:37am 10.18.21
Looking to buy a boat that someone tried to repair with sealant and made a mess. How big of a deal
TwistedVet at 6:43am 10.18.21
Long story short, '89 Catalina 22 that has been in a slip in a freshwater lake in TN for past 20 yea
Blowboat at 4:26am 10.18.21
Good morning! I hope some of you can share your thoughts. My wife and I have had two sailboats, bo
newsailor130 at 9:53pm 10.17.21
Dear All, Can someone please post a photo of OEM 1981 Hunter 22 forestay chainplate. I think what I

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H280 Service Manual
JamesG161 at 8:36pm 10.19.21
replacing the rudder bearing Those are not replaceable.:( Jim...
Hunter 45CC Autopilot Motor
jssailem at 8:34pm 10.19.21
Its been a year with the tighten screws and the pilot motor has had no issues driving the rudder, e
H280 Service Manual
twalker H260 at 8:24pm 10.19.21
Some of the information located here might help.
Hunter 45CC Autopilot Motor
Sailor_Al at 7:55pm 10.19.21
Has anyone ever removed/replaced the autopilot motor located in the bottom of the pedestal? It seem
Beneteau 473 with low maximum speed
Ted at 7:54pm 10.19.21
The numbers in the first column are the wind angles.
Beneteau 473 with low maximum speed
Tally Ho at 7:26pm 10.19.21
6.1 knots definitely is slow for that boat. If you are measuring your speed with a knot meter, it m
I Need Some Deck Painting Advice.
PaulK at 7:24pm 10.19.21
Also, I wouldn't expect boat paint to hide cracks. Grind 'em out, fill with the appropriate epoxy
H280 Service Manual
sail sfbay at 7:04pm 10.19.21
Never seen a Hunter sailboat service manual. You will need to develop one based on best practices do
Flooding issues with Tohatsu 8 HP 2-stroke
stickinthemud57 at 6:54pm 10.19.21
Well, I had the boat out this evening and noticed that smoke exiting the engine cover. It abated aft
Flooding issues with Tohatsu 8 HP 2-stroke
dlochner at 6:44pm 10.19.21
This may be the issue. Have you noticed correlation at between time of day or temperature? As the
Flooding issues with Tohatsu 8 HP 2-stroke
stickinthemud57 at 6:40pm 10.19.21
Well, the tank has a "vent" knob on the cap, but it is useless. The only way to relieve pressure in
Oil change, there's got to be a better way.
Johnb at 6:31pm 10.19.21
Universal problem with messy oil changes. Some, maybe all, Yanmars have horizontal oil filters. Try
Fuel Tank Access Port Sealant
randerson5726 at 6:30pm 10.19.21
Thanks! I'll give the rectorseal a try.
Bombay Clipper 31, 1979, portholes
sail sfbay at 6:04pm 10.19.21
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new sailboat!! If you cannot find one from portlig
Trailer lug nut tightness
sail sfbay at 5:58pm 10.19.21
Wow that was one of the quickest thread resolutions ever!!
I Need Some Deck Painting Advice.
dlochner at 5:49pm 10.19.21
House paint will chalk and peel off. You will rue the day you applied it. In general the more effo
Beneteau 473 with low maximum speed   (1)
Ted at 5:38pm 10.19.21
6.1 knots definitely is slow for that boat. If you are measuring your speed with a knot meter, it ma
Trailer lug nut tightness
David B. at 5:35pm 10.19.21
Thanks so much for all of your replies! Evidently the ft. lbs. in the manual is not a misprint and
Oil change, there's got to be a better way.
TimFromLI at 5:32pm 10.19.21
The problem with funnels and hoses is storing them on the boat when done. They make a mess unless th
H280 Service Manual
Crusty Ol Salt at 5:29pm 10.19.21

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