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Ted Pinelli at 1:04pm 04.19.18
The waste tank is listed at 17 gal, however it seems to fill up too frequently requiring us to pump
RobG at 12:26pm 04.19.18
After power-washing at haul-out last fall the bottom paint condition and thickness still looks very
ToddS at 8:47am 04.19.18
I am new to my Beneteau 373 (2004) and am in the process of upgrading/swapping all the bulbs out for
sailnoproblem at 8:02am 04.19.18
I am looking for suggestions. 4 years ago I put a pair of TACO LED brand spreader lights on to repla
Catsail at 7:52am 04.19.18
Hello, I want to stow my Mantus anchor on the bow, but the factory roller is much too short. Has a
glennmul at 6:37am 04.19.18
Hi All, My keel on my 1997 40.5 has a moisture line where the stub meets the bulb on the bottom. I
Delawaredave at 8:03pm 04.18.18
1984 Hunter 27. Hard plastic hatch windows are oxidized. What kind of plastic are they ? polycarbo
Manny at 7:55pm 04.18.18
Anyone have pictures of how the vang sheet is configured on the 37? Is sheet the proper term for the
Biobob Catalina 27 at 7:26pm 04.18.18
Recently purchased a Standard Horizon Matrix AIS/GPS GX2200 and trying to connect it to my Lowrance
Saab at 2:02pm 04.18.18
Does anyone have anecdotal evidence from their experience of the best brush (bristle/foam) to use fo
Chris Flanagan at 12:45pm 04.18.18
I tried the obvious way to replace the halyard by cutting of the shackle on the old line and attachi
HD74 at 8:53am 04.18.18
i want to make a board to attach my batter charger. Just a simple set up so that I can attach the bo
CYQK at 2:54am 04.18.18
Mornin Started experimenting with some dried soups to find the best to store on the boat. Anyone exp
daverippetoe at 1:16am 04.18.18
I have an O'Day 25 and my cable halyard is hanging up. I just bought a new main sail for her and be
My winch   (2)
paulj at 7:06pm 04.17.18
Ed When you reach your 80's you have to have a winch...........:plus: paulj :hook2:
markwbird at 6:47pm 04.17.18
I recently replaced the prop shaft on my Hunter 34. Much better but I still cannot get rid of all of
Manny at 6:05pm 04.17.18
Hey, Anyone a Webasto A/C expert on here? On my new (to me) boat i tried firing up the a/c this pas
jetblast at 6:04pm 04.17.18
Hello all, I donít know much about boats. I enjoy my boat on a small budget and want to keep it for
LeslieTroyer at 5:02pm 04.17.18
im rebuilding an Autoprop I picked up for a good price. I was going to grind a socket to use as th
Cowl Vent   (1)
Tom & Deb at 2:58pm 04.17.18
My cowl vent fell off and they need to be custom ordered for $160 a pair. This is the fiberglass ven

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starter button problem
Mark Q at 2:23pm 04.19.18
I had the same problem with a 2004 323. After reading the posts here, I decided to replace the rathe
stormy weather
rgranger at 2:13pm 04.19.18
Both require HEAT to change Temperature. Ice "sucks up" 80 times the Heat as water from the Atmosp
Diminished Black Water holding tank capacity
Skipper at 1:39pm 04.19.18
I don't. However, you may want to check the actual capacity. If you are depending on a tank monitor
Tohatsu Sailpro Review/Log
John Tubb at 1:13pm 04.19.18
Run 100% gas, no ethanol. I always disconnect the fuel line from the motor and let it run till all
Micron Extra third season in southern New England?
ToddS at 1:13pm 04.19.18
I've pushed a 3rd season before with a solid coat or two of ablative over a contrasting color (much
St. Patricks Day Race on Galveston Bay
Simon Sexton at 1:10pm 04.19.18
I always found tacking around the giraffe to be fun ;) I've gotten involved in a few races between a
Micron Extra third season in southern New England?
Solstice at 12:52pm 04.19.18
You should be fine if the paint hasnít come through to your red base coat. Extra is a copolymer abla
Gas tank cleanout
Rodd at 12:39pm 04.19.18
Thanks thinwater! Now you tell me! oh well, I will try and pressure wash the best I can this weeke
Tohatsu Sailpro Review/Log
justsomeguy at 12:37pm 04.19.18
Has anyone here had problems that would justify carrying Tohatsu's carb repair kit or water pump ki
Tohatsu Sailpro Review/Log
AaronD at 12:30pm 04.19.18
Reviving an old thread, because it seems like a good place to keep relevant info on the Tohatsu Sail
stormy weather
justsomeguy at 12:29pm 04.19.18
My Pink Floyd album says otherwise There's a quiet voice-over somewhere on the album that states "Th
Dow 795 Alternate?
kloudie1 at 12:26pm 04.19.18
@SFS those are Vetus "UFO" vents.. they were original equipment on the 34.. Good stuff until the f
No frills fiberglass to paint
dlochner at 12:10pm 04.19.18
thats the thing shemandr - i have some areas around the keel and the rudder tube where the fairing c
stormy weather
dlochner at 12:08pm 04.19.18
My point is colder water, less storm intensity. Temperature gradients are a big deal however. The g
stormy weather
dlochner at 12:03pm 04.19.18
And there's no dark side of the Moon, either. :rolleyes: My Pink Floyd album says otherwise!
80s hunter 22 cockpit drain
IDtrucks at 11:56am 04.19.18
Iím a young buck it Iíve been able to get back there alright (6í tall,195lb athletic build) I was ab
H26 Drop Down Table Mod
rade0041 at 11:54am 04.19.18
I decided to make the whole table go up and down... works good for me but might not be for everyone.
Handling Heel in a Catalina 22 Swing Keel   (1)
DrJudyB at 11:43am 04.19.18
When racing, I always use my the adjustable backstay on my Catalina 22 Sport to adjust rake and bend
Have any of you changed out a Beneteau 323 Windscreen?   (1)
HanBan at 10:40am 04.19.18
Maybe my 2006 is different (hull 136), but in front of the mast is two opening hatches. AFT of the m
sailnoproblem at 10:32am 04.19.18
That is why I replaced the Perko's. They were not LED, and one was not working. Taco acknowledged th

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