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Sefuller at 4:48pm 01.23.19
First boat with insulation in the engine bay. Fuel filter, fuel pump and other miscellaneous items
jssailem at 11:59am 01.23.19
It is a part of prepping for spring. You get to the boat and start looking at the running rigging an
Brian D at 5:29am 01.23.19
Several Furuno products will be affected by the next GPS Rollover set to take place on March 17, 201
CYQK at 4:53am 01.23.19
Looking into building an electro polisher Anyone here done this?
jon hansen at 10:25pm 01.22.19
voAqdCrSnu8 this is what the north channel and georgian bay looks like
Mike Oldak at 8:28pm 01.22.19
I may have already posted in the wrong place, but wondering where to cut replacement dole panels so
Wakulla212 at 7:04pm 01.22.19
Previous owner removed the table from the cabin of my 85 Mac 25. I would like to restore the interi
Paul1966 at 2:54pm 01.22.19
figured Id post a video so I could show what the boat is like. Hope I do this right. SBV3rwfPskk
TomY at 2:14pm 01.22.19
Production sailboat building went the way of the Do do bird here in the NE, decades ago. Semi produc
Flip Rutledge at 1:30pm 01.22.19
This is my first time painting the bottom of a boat this size. Hunter 31. I assume I should back off
Canonshooternb at 12:16pm 01.22.19
I just bought my Hunter Legend 355 and planning on a few upgrades before spring launch. The blocks
mm2347 at 11:06am 01.22.19
I want to replace the Vhf cable on my S2 8m as it is starting to get brittle and has small cracks in
Scandium at 9:38am 01.22.19
As title says; where do you keep a dinghy/tender on a small (20-24 ft) boat? Towing seems like will
shine at 8:33am 01.22.19
I got this AC panel when I bought my Mac 25 swing keel a year ago. I have a Marinco 30 amp 125 volt
JK_Boston_Catalina310 at 6:29am 01.22.19
Good Morning Mainesail, I know you don't do any DIY long range consulting anymore on lithium batter
JCSweetz at 6:00am 01.22.19
any good info or schematics on this with dimensions???
76Oday20 at 8:33pm 01.21.19
I have a great little 20 Oday (Sund??g) that is 43 years old. The previous owner reworked the hull
Terry Cox at 6:46pm 01.21.19
Sail plan included a rendezvous with a Friday Harbor sailing buddy from this past season, Tom Burges
Simon Sexton at 3:45pm 01.21.19
Hey Everyone, Good afternoon! All weekend, I've been at the Sea Base in Galveston for Sea S
mattcan at 10:02am 01.21.19
I am hoping that someone can help me out. I would rather have the replacements in hand before I sta

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1989 28.5 Toe Rail
thetone at 10:05pm 01.23.19
Do you have a link to the site?
Wonderful MLK Rendezvous
Stu Jackson at 8:48pm 01.23.19
Thanks, Terry, We got to see it, too, but on land from our deck. Impressive. "Never again in our
Replacing water tank and holding tank strapping
Capt Robbie at 8:46pm 01.23.19
John Nantz, Sorry for the confusion. I had to cut the plywood templates in half which I u
Dalliance at 8:30pm 01.23.19
I bought a new furler line and genoa sheets from this site last spring. Competitive pricing, good a
Installing accessories over engine bay insulation
LeslieTroyer at 8:22pm 01.23.19
@Sefuller you need a metal bowl on your fuel filter.
Replacing water tank and holding tank strapping   (1)
Hunter Ad Bot at 8:10pm 01.23.19
And now a word from the sponsor...
Raising Boom for Bimini
Will Gilmore at 8:09pm 01.23.19
Semi retired loft owner. SEMI RETIRED? What the #||?!?! My sail maker can't retire! -Will (Dragon
Dinette table Mac 25
RussC at 8:08pm 01.23.19
We put my dad in the hospital today so I may be delayed a bit on the info. Just a couple days.
Where to keep dinghy on trailor sailer?
John Nantz at 8:07pm 01.23.19
I have a 10' zodiac, and it only takes 15min to inflate/deflate, so storing it for the rare occasio
Installing accessories over engine bay insulation   (1)
Dalliance at 8:01pm 01.23.19
Ive had success with cutting small wood mounting blocks into the insulation where I need them and s
Raising Boom for Bimini
DrJudyB at 7:56pm 01.23.19
WHY NOT TAKE ONE FOOT OFF THE TOP, NOT THE BOTTOM. You'd have to trim the roach and move the top two
Replacing water tank and holding tank strapping
John Nantz at 7:49pm 01.23.19
They missed by at least a foot or more. So I had to cut them in half to fit. That really sucked b
old sailors never die, they just get a little dinghy
jssailem at 7:42pm 01.23.19
Will, you have a how to leader to follow in boat management and handling.
Dropping like flies in the Golden Globe.
Will Gilmore at 7:40pm 01.23.19
Never gave much thought to the specific criteria for circumnavigation. This is an interesting video
old sailors never die, they just get a little dinghy
Will Gilmore at 7:37pm 01.23.19
But how did he get there in the first place? Not this IS sailing :waycool:. FPeetFWRVxo -Will (Drag
Where to keep dinghy on trailor sailer?
tmleadr03 at 7:17pm 01.23.19
What about one of these: It could fold flat and strap to the deck pretty
Dinette table Mac 25
Ranger_12 at 7:15pm 01.23.19
I think I might have an extra table from parting out a Mac 25. I'll look tomorrow
Installing accessories over engine bay insulation
dlochner at 7:08pm 01.23.19
I wouldn't worry too much about compressing some insulation. That insulation is for sound deadening,
40.5 Questions   (8)
Rick D at 6:32pm 01.23.19
(This was copied from a reply to a personal message. I hope this works by pasting here:) (P.S> photo
old sailors never die, they just get a little dinghy
Will Gilmore at 6:09pm 01.23.19
It's not a sailboat, but it is a little dinghy:yeah: 9qHdPhkSSNQ -Will (Dragonfly)

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