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JRT at 10:43am 04.01.20
I saw these and thought they looked interesting and useful. Any comments or issues? https://www.ama
azambella at 9:46am 04.01.20
I have 4" holes in my bulkhead from Datamarine gear. Can we still get depth sounders etc.. w/4" mou
azambella at 9:37am 04.01.20
Good afternoon, I have the Chreubini 33 with the YS? Steering system. Seeing as we are all stuck in
RitSim at 6:44am 04.01.20
So I launched my boat to be my isolation away from home. I noticed a small drip accumulating in the
jssailem at 5:32am 04.01.20
At least for a couple of hours.
T J Furstenau at 6:37pm 03.31.20
So, looking for some input/guidance from the big boat owners. I moved up from a Hunter 35.5 last su
look4judy at 1:59pm 03.31.20
Hi we have a 1989 Catalina 30 and are needing to replace just the front Hatch lense. The frame says
dakno at 12:36pm 03.31.20
Hello Skippers, I have had jamming under load issues with my Furlex 200s standard issue with my 08 4
PhilSp at 10:17am 03.31.20
I bought an '86 C22 last Fall and I'm having a blast learning and sailing. When I bought the boat t
Don Guillette at 7:04pm 03.30.20
The following has nothing to do with SAIL TRIM. I've been a bit "under the weather" recently with a
Valerio at 3:45pm 03.30.20
I need to install a sea water pump for the galley, i would like one with the pressure sensor so it w
John Nantz at 1:38pm 03.30.20
Note: not talking about the usual "exempt" categories like medical, emergency, law enforcement, mili
dakno at 12:54pm 03.30.20
Hi all, This past week we were sheltering in place on the boat 60 miles from home when entire electr
JP at 12:15pm 03.30.20
I would like to install a spin Halyard on my 1987 Catalina 30. It is a masthead rig with a harken fu
CapnGL at 11:32am 03.30.20
So im going to apply this barrier coating to my boat. I have it sanded and when the weather warms a
JohnEh at 9:35am 03.30.20
I recently acquired a 2000 Hunter 410 with a 4 cylinder Yanmar 4JH2E and a 3 cylinder Northern Light
Maurice Doran at 9:23am 03.30.20
I am looking for a used cruising spinnaker for my H33. Can be symmetrical or asymmetrical (I have a
rgranger at 8:43am 03.30.20
So this week, Kay Ivy (the Governor or Alabama) officially closed all non-essential businesses. Lu
rpludwig at 8:28am 03.30.20
So, we're all stuck at home for a bit (assuming we are not out at sea)....perfect time to do those o
Kopite at 8:03am 03.30.20

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We have launch!
Justin_NSA at 11:48am 04.01.20
Where the strap is attached at it's bottom there is a cross bar and there is another cross bar furt

DRhoads at 11:38am 04.01.20
In Alabama they closed all non-essential stores. Liquor stores, gun and ammo stores and marinas ar
We have launch!
John Nantz at 11:33am 04.01.20
Where the strap is attached at it's bottom there is a cross bar and there is another cross bar furth
Looking for a cruising spinnaker for a Hunter 33 (05)
Maurice Doran at 11:33am 04.01.20
The Handler is a device that is essentially a sleeve that slides on the furled headsail. The tack i

Kopite at 11:28am 04.01.20
Thanks for the input. I am now considering plan 2 which has some advantage. I will address the crack
Old binacle compass info
kloudie1 at 11:27am 04.01.20
Click on "Owner Resources" then "General Downloads" then scroll down to "Merriman steering Parts" an
Hand rail covering/grip
John Nantz at 11:16am 04.01.20
From Post #16: f only I can "Like" the video! After watching so many YouTube raunchy videos with s
Heat shrink solder connectors
dlochner at 11:12am 04.01.20
I saw these and thought they looked interesting and useful. Any comments or issues?
Self Isolation
Ralph Johnstone at 11:01am 04.01.20
Im thankful that its toilet paper that the shelves are empty of and not coffee.. I'm thankful the

Ward H at 10:57am 04.01.20
Well said Dave:beer:
Polar digram
ron2photo at 10:53am 04.01.20
Thank You everyone, I did Find the Polars on the ORC website.
Stuck in the house....?
Ward H at 10:51am 04.01.20
My "Stay At Home" project list: Put eye splices in several lines Make Paracord lanyards for several
Heat shrink solder connectors
Justin_NSA at 10:51am 04.01.20
We used to use something like those on military programs at Boeing. Heated them with an infrared lam

dlochner at 10:46am 04.01.20
This won't be the last pandemic unless the world comes to an end. Therefore, if procedures can be f
Like a bad case of piles, I have returned
Crazy Dave Condon at 10:42am 04.01.20
Thank you for sharing your story and recovery. God bless you sir and full steam ahead as to recove
Like a bad case of piles, I have returned
Davidasailor26 at 10:39am 04.01.20
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't. Well,
I am signing off   (1)
Ralph Johnstone at 10:39am 04.01.20
Somebody at the marina told a friend they liked my C30. I know the guy. He's some kind of Nigeri
Beneteau 411 with Volvopenta rubber shaft seal
NYSail at 10:33am 04.01.20
If you look, the cutlass bearing it only has small grooves. Not much water will pass.... completely
Bottom Paint VC 17M Coverage
quadrille38 at 10:26am 04.01.20
I have seen VC in gallon quantities. check wholesale marine or defender. i use 2 1/2 qts for my 38.

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