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natep at 9:15pm 05.26.19
I have a 2002 411, we were out sailing the other day and got ready to start the engine just a click
pumpkinpie at 6:48pm 05.26.19
The sailboat that we have placed an offer on and accepted has a manual bilge pump. Is it possible to
djamied at 5:18pm 05.26.19
While I was flushing my water system after launching this spring a new (to me) problem arose - one o
LeGe at 1:09pm 05.26.19
Have a beautiful Catalina 400 MK II from 2001 under contract. Boat is in very good shape despite the
Avi at 1:04pm 05.26.19
I am ready to install Raymarine ev 100 wheel pilot . The harness from the wheel actuator has a gree
Ninsar at 12:00pm 05.26.19
Can some one tell me what the hunter 450cc mast specs mean when I'm asked is it a NG80 or NG86. I'm
Capt.Black at 10:41am 05.26.19
I need to remove the metal grate over my cockpit drain. Itís trapping debris stopping up & water bui
BC Bernie at 8:52am 05.26.19
Just curious what 310 owners have done for attachment points for jacklines. Pretty sure this subject
MikeHoncho at 8:35am 05.26.19
I have a G-Shock Gulf Master that I have gotten really good with except understanding the Moon Day f
Red_Dog at 7:23am 05.26.19
As I have several gizmos that share information via NMEA 0183, I was considering using a bus bar to
Canonshooternb at 6:53am 05.26.19
I am replacing all of my electronics with new Raymarine gear ( Wind pack, axiom chartplotter, auto p
bgstar19 at 5:25am 05.26.19
I am looking to purchase a chart plotter from Hodges Marine, mainly due to their lower prices. Revie
kappykaplan at 4:16am 05.26.19
Was out solo yesterday under a small craft advisory. Took the main straight to the first reef and w
iamwhatiam at 11:32pm 05.25.19
Was a little nervous, as I've only been out sailing 3 or 4 times....but just had to give it a go. T
kdammen at 8:01pm 05.25.19
I just got a 29.5 and we found that on a starboard tack we have quite a descent flow of water runnin
Diversion240 at 7:20pm 05.25.19
This pic shows a black square with two round electrical (maybe) plug ins. Does anyone know what this
sbcwolff at 7:03pm 05.25.19
Long story short, a low bridge and a flooded river led to us dismasting our boat :( Is it easy to fi
Rudder mod   (1)
Jacomo Sailor at 4:42pm 05.25.19
So I've been thinking about this for a while. I know that shimming the upper gudgeon is a popular m
Ljpotterm at 3:26pm 05.25.19
Thanks for accepting me as a member. I purchased a 1980 Capri 25 fixed keel, previous owner upgraded
Bluenose at 2:59pm 05.25.19
Hello all, this is my first experience using a Neil Pryde Lazy Bag. When I had Lazy Jacks and a sail

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Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic   (1)
Hunter Ad Bot at 12:10am 05.27.19
And now a word from the sponsor... Rub rail for Hunter sailboats
Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic
MikeHoncho at 11:52pm 05.26.19
Blackstone Labs for the oil analysis. They are used for fuel truck engines. I'd confirm they are ver
Mac26x leaky centerboard trunk
Tom McCormack at 11:31pm 05.26.19
Thank you for this advice. I have a1999 Mac26x. Definately a leak in the centerboard trunk. No le
Here is what a current boat survey looks like
MikeHoncho at 10:48pm 05.26.19
136 is low for most diesel I have personally tested. Most is above 150. The point still stands regar
Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic
artboas at 10:32pm 05.26.19
It very well could be auto/manual and the description on the listing is incorrect. I'll be in touch
473 prop shaft zinc
Full Circle 473 at 10:19pm 05.26.19
Where does your hull zinc attach? My 473 does not have any zinc on the hull. I only have one zinc th
Mast step questions, 87 Cat 22   (1)
Coppertone at 9:32pm 05.26.19
So after removing the previous owner's "repair", I opened all the cracks with a Dremel, then I drill
Traveler Line   (1)
Joe at 9:24pm 05.26.19
k a couple of pictures. The first shows the double braid cover that parted, I assume due to friction
473 prop shaft zinc
natep at 9:21pm 05.26.19
Thanks, but we found a hull zinc from West Marine.
Parting out H170 in AZ   (1)
BobbyFunn at 9:08pm 05.26.19
Using @txjim info I have started putting the repair plan in action. Stage I is to test pull the cor
autopilot installation question
Avi at 8:31pm 05.26.19
Leslie, thanks for the reply
Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic
pumpkinpie at 8:31pm 05.26.19
You might be able to use some of the plumbing but itís not a good idea. Just keep the manual and ins
Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic
pumpkinpie at 8:29pm 05.26.19
@Boomer54 - I hope you are correct. Our offer was accepted on Saturday and with it being the holiday
Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic
Don S/V ILLusion at 8:20pm 05.26.19
You might be able to use some of the plumbing but itís not a good idea. Just keep the manual and ins
Attachment points for Jacklines
BC Bernie at 8:18pm 05.26.19
Thanks so far for everyone's input. I've seen some pretty inventive setups and "tricks" that address
Bus bar for NMEA 0183 connections
LeslieTroyer at 8:16pm 05.26.19
Yep I use a terminal strip to attach talkers.
autopilot installation question
LeslieTroyer at 8:14pm 05.26.19
Doesnít matter. If it turns the wrong way reverse them. Itís a 50/50 crap shoot so I always end up
Farewell friends
jssailem at 8:06pm 05.26.19
@Mike4116 I share my empathy about your loss. Not having known you out your bride I am left to imag
Bilge Pump Manual vs Automatic
Boomer54 at 7:46pm 05.26.19
I canít believe a 38í, 2011 only has a manual bilge pump. It should have an auto bilge pump located
eye candy
jon hansen at 7:45pm 05.26.19

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