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Jops at 9:05pm 02.26.21
Just repowered my 1989 Catalina 36 Universal mp25xp with a rebuilt. Starts right up but when I take
CaptainRan at 7:46pm 02.26.21
I found these cool little velcro garage organizers on Amazon and they make great line organizers. I
Macconnell23 at 6:56pm 02.26.21
I bought a Hunter 23 last year and I think I need new sails. I sail it on a small lake in Ohio and
MetricMountie at 3:26pm 02.26.21
Would anyone know the size and or manufacturer of the top and bottom rudder bearing including the lo
neoflight at 3:07pm 02.26.21
I have a head scratcher. My New to Me 1998 H33.5 (likely not a 333 as stated in prior posts) has an
M. Maron at 2:50pm 02.26.21
Alan Gomes at 2:43pm 02.26.21
Just saw this on Craig's List. I don't know what the back story is on this. Edit: Since Craig's Lis
Ericson 35   (3)
ken1976 at 2:34pm 02.26.21
Inherited this ericson 35 (and Irwin 30 in first pic) on recent land purchase. Both boats have been
Ericchrist at 1:13pm 02.26.21
Hey Sailors, I own a 2001 Hunter 290 and have been slowly replacing parts and adding accessories. I
Drinky Crow at 10:47am 02.26.21
Write up implies these can replace regular organizers w/sheaves...anyone doing this? I'm using D-Ra
JCraig68 at 10:34am 02.26.21
Looking for an experienced person to sail with this summer on the Oregon coast. Willing to pay for y
Hayden Watson at 9:42am 02.26.21
I replaced my roller furler and have the old Hood 810 complete if anyone wants it. It is fully func
Bolander at 7:25am 02.26.21
Getting ready to tear down and service the Maxwell self-tailing winches on our 37C. It's my underst
Jim_H42 at 6:10am 02.26.21
My P42 has two Racor 110a primary filters - one each for the generator and engine. To save space
Hayden Watson at 11:38pm 02.25.21
If I have a complete fully functional boat bit such as foresail handling gear that I have removed fr
skipperclaud at 4:50pm 02.25.21
Dear friends, I am the happy owner of a Hunter 320, 2001, the Dua Jazz, this boat is all refit, as b
Capt Robbie at 10:41am 02.25.21
Mnmpizza, replied recently about the flange fittings on the scupper cockpit drain on Hunter 34 and I
mermike at 5:51am 02.25.21
I'd like to replace the hatch lens on my Y33. Does anyone have any recommendations for shops in the
StanleyJ at 4:24am 02.25.21
I am considering purchasing a new 135% headsail for my O'Day 272LE. I only cruise around on a loca
mwbard at 4:47pm 02.24.21
I apologize for the newbie question, but I have been searching for an answer and I think I just need

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Noob getting new Rasberry pi 4B question
Fidgit at 10:18pm 02.26.21
I just setup a pi4 with open plotter: I was impressed how straigh
HIN location
Ron20324 at 10:15pm 02.26.21
Hello ... I am working on a 1987 Irwin 43-MKIII and was wondering if there is any other place the H
Install Yanmar GM10 in Oday 27 - experience or advice?
Wully Draigle at 9:35pm 02.26.21
Bought a Tohatsu outboard 4 stroke with an alternator. Simplest solution for now.
81 Oday 34 need to replace rub rail - recommendations?
Wully Draigle at 9:28pm 02.26.21
Does anyone have any pictures of how to notch the corners?
H26 Rudder
CaptainRan at 9:18pm 02.26.21
WOW! No, I've got nothing like that. But I will soon. I will likely add an extra block or sheave som
Hunter 26 Battery Placement   (1)
twalker H260 at 9:06pm 02.26.21
H26 Rudder
twalker H260 at 8:55pm 02.26.21
Does your rudder not have a line already connecting on the trailing edge as shown in the drawing loc
Benny17441 at 8:54pm 02.26.21
The Dripless Box is not original equipment for the 2001 h320. We do not know what was done during t
New Sails
David in Sandusky at 8:50pm 02.26.21
Hi, welcome to SBO! We sail our Hunter 27 out of Sandusky, and live near you in Columbus. All the ne
H26 Rudder
Doug J at 8:02pm 02.26.21
Worse case scenario, if you find foam or it looks weak, you can oversize the hole and fill with epox
H26 Rudder
CaptainRan at 7:59pm 02.26.21
That mod was there when I purchased the boat. Seems like the rudder is pretty solid in that area.
New Sails
JRT at 7:56pm 02.26.21
This site has good deals for you, shouldn't be too much either
skipperclaud at 7:48pm 02.26.21
@skipperclaud , could you please inspect the two engine mounting stringers for any unused holes an
Ralph Johnstone at 7:42pm 02.26.21
@skipperclaud , could you please inspect the two engine mounting stringers for any unused holes and
H26 Rudder
Doug J at 7:39pm 02.26.21
That mod was there when I purchased the boat. Seems like the rudder is pretty solid in that area.
SV Panope. 100 anchor videos
Terry Cox at 7:39pm 02.26.21
Hmm. One wonders why he excluded the Danforth. Maybe it would have received top honors. Just say'n.
H26 Rudder
CaptainRan at 7:37pm 02.26.21
CaptainRan, don't know if you already took care of this but here is a mod I posted. In one of the p
Spring Clearance Auction Coming Soon
Trader at 7:34pm 02.26.21
I wish we could but it's just too expensive. But that said, even with international shipping things
SV Panope. 100 anchor videos
CarlN at 7:30pm 02.26.21
And unlike most anchor tests, he didn't just test straight line pull. It was a truly nasty series of
Ralph Johnstone at 7:26pm 02.26.21
Nice to heat the boat too, on chilly night cruising up there! Down here, put the discharge heat ou

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