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jdrutten at 1:51pm 11.01.21
After my first glorious season on the water, the time came for haul-out last week. On launch day way
Hans Baart at 1:00pm 11.01.21
Hi I am wanting to build a cockpit table with the fold out leaves It is for my 34 dose any one have
David Walsh at 12:43pm 11.01.21
Hi All, I have a 1989 O'Day 302 and I wanted to know who the manufacturer used for hatches. I've g
WI Rigger at 12:31pm 11.01.21
Has anyone rigged their 19 for single handing? How did you mount your hardware and did you move the
Jose Nunez at 11:26am 11.01.21
I have a 2007 Catalina 309 and i've been wanting to do some maintenance around the Starboard side of
Hello Below at 9:20am 11.01.21
Although it is clear in this Waggoner article, I cannot find any news release or US government state
Trick at 8:14am 11.01.21
Hi New to sailing life long dream come true. I bought a San Juan 21. And happen to have a Honda bf9
Brian D at 7:51am 11.01.21
This is a short video of an odd wave. Wasn't expecting what I saw. Anyone ever encounter anything li
baycloud at 11:55pm 10.31.21
Hey all, I'm up here living and working on the boat temporarily. I am planning on replacing the stan
Tedd at 11:35pm 10.31.21
There's an H260 (inboard) for sale in Oxnard. I'm not interested in the fixed keel version but, from
sf34dtw at 2:59pm 10.31.21
KenFege at 11:31am 10.31.21
I just discovered after my boat was haul out a good size crack in the floor of Catalina 315. It o
Roger F at 5:14am 10.31.21
I need to access above the ceiling panels for the first time to address leaky vent that appears to b
Georgedoyle at 5:59pm 10.30.21
I need some information about the Variprop feathering prop for my Hunter 49. I have the 110hp Yanmar
Morry at 4:41pm 10.30.21
Hello, I am looking to take my newly acquired Oceanis 430 out of the water and onto a hard stand. T
hollyclouse at 2:43pm 10.30.21
Hi just pulled my boat out for bottom maintenance and hoping to solve a huge problem. Since I've ha
Jaxn at 2:38pm 10.30.21
I ripped out a rats nest electrical system and am starting over from scratch in my O'Day 272. I am
T Smith at 11:34am 10.30.21
20 foot 9 inches Mast, 10 foot 2.5 inches Boom: All good condition. Sailboat ' Trailer got damaged a
WayneH at 10:29am 10.30.21
1/69 - no workee, blank page.. Used sailboats, sailboats fo
captcoho at 10:16am 10.30.21
Is there anyone who used the Sea Hawk VMG bottom paint last season? It apparently is indicated for d

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Port leaks
macdoug at 11:57pm 11.23.21
Clydo at 10:24pm 11.23.21
Indeed, we do! Tks all. :beer: So true so true. Clyde Thorington C310 ILEAN TOO San Jose, CA
Pearson 30
NYSail at 10:07pm 11.23.21
The Pearson made boats are great sailboats. Granted they are from an earlier design standard. Narro
Pearson 30
FastOlson at 9:22pm 11.23.21
Regarding diesel engine noise and vibration... On any used sailboat over 15 or 20 years old, be sure
Water tank pick up
Rjm st.petersburg at 9:10pm 11.23.21
I tried one at a time and both together, no difference.
Water tank pick up
Ward H at 8:55pm 11.23.21
When you tested the blue lines by putting them in a bucket, did you do one tank at a time? When you
OK... it isn't a boat, but...
Leeward Rail at 8:55pm 11.23.21
Water Softener. Works every time. LOL. Technically it does.. Sorta. Based on a quick web search...
Is it possible to add another wiring bundle tube?
Rich Stidger at 8:51pm 11.23.21
<snip> I like your idea and will be so cautious that I may make holes in the forward and aft facing
Water tank pick up
Rjm st.petersburg at 7:50pm 11.23.21
It is quite puzzling. Each line from the tank to the pump, tests good. When the opening of the deck
Water tank pick up
Tally Ho at 7:31pm 11.23.21
Is it possible to add another wiring bundle tube?
SandyFrank at 7:23pm 11.23.21
Old elect-chickens trick is a most dangerous game and one I have done a lot of my 40.5 as compared t
Water tank pick up
DayDreamer41 at 7:13pm 11.23.21
They come together at the pump, with individual cut offs. I tried one tank at a time, with no impro
Can't get yanmar 3GMF above 2200 rpm under load question
Ralph Johnstone at 7:09pm 11.23.21
I'm starting to get the impression your investigation into this problem is about as organized as a b
recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild
joker460 at 7:03pm 11.23.21
They should have put an end-cap on the boom. Mine is completely open at the back end! An excellent
recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild
sf34dtw at 6:44pm 11.23.21
You would not believe how much nest and bird crap I pulled out of my boom one fall. I couldn't bel
Water tank pick up
Rjm st.petersburg at 6:38pm 11.23.21
They come together at the pump, with individual cut offs. I tried one tank at a time, with no improv
Water tank pick up
Steve_Catalina at 6:25pm 11.23.21
I haven't tried that because when I put the pick up side in a bucket of water it ran fine on both s
Need info on my Catalina 22 trailer
Richard19068 at 5:55pm 11.23.21
I had a Catalina 22 in the very early 70's. It came with a Trail-Rite trailer made in Santa Ana Cali

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