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A collection of links and resources organized by commonly asked questions.

FAQ topics are topics of interest to a wide variety of owners. A FAQ topic is used to organize forum threads, modification articles, photos, downloads, and other site pages into a single, easy-to-find resource listed by topic. Examples are topics like replacing ports, painting your hull, re-bedding deck hardware, etc.

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Topic Title FAQ Created Last Update
12V, Wires Electric Problems 2016-11-17 2016-11-17
  Truly watertight electrical connection
How to have a truly watertight electrical connection.
Anchor, Anchors Anchors 2017-03-12 2017-03-12
  Catalina 275 Sailing Tips
New Catalina 275 owner Racing the boat
Battery charger Battery and Charger Installation 2016-11-18 2016-11-17
  Battery and Charger Installation
Charger Installation
  Replacing the House Batteries-- Choices??
New Batteries
Bilge Black gunk in the bilge, possible sources. 2016-11-19 2016-11-19
  Black gunk in bilge not oil?
Some discussion of possible sources for gunk.
boat painting paint Boat painting 2017-01-29 2017-01-29
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Boat US, Tow Boat Insurance 2016-11-17 2016-11-17
  GEICO Marine Insurance claim experience?
  Partnership liability
partnership liability
Bulbs light cabin l.e.d LED Bulbs 2017-03-21 2017-03-21
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Engine, Fuel, Filter Draining a water-separator filter 2016-12-22 2016-12-22
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Homemade Peel Away Removing Bottom Paint 2016-11-22 2016-11-22
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Improving Lifetime Battery Maintenance 2016-11-07 2016-11-07
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Licence, Charter Capt. Licence 2016-11-15 2016-11-15
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Monk Sailboats Ed Monk Designed Sailboats 2017-03-19 2017-03-19
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Mooring, Pennant Mooring Pennants 2017-02-19 2017-02-19
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
outboard, motor, shaft, long Motor Shaft Length 2017-03-16 2017-03-16
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Ports Replacing ports 2016-11-06 2016-11-06
  1978 H30C Port Light Replacement
Good step by step instructions
  1984 Hunter 31 - Port replacement
Covers both opening ports and fixed
  H-33C Portlight Replacement
Good photos
  Rebedding skylights on Hunter 35
Instructions from Hunter on removal. Notes from 3M on use of Dow 795,
  While replacing H34 Portlight....
Dealing with rot
reefing Single or double-line reefing? 2016-12-18 2016-12-18
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.
Repair, Parts, Auto Helms/Auto Tillers 2017-01-09 2017-01-09
  Have anyone a bow thruster on his Hunter 340!
Added bow thruster to my Hunter 460
roller furling Roller Furling 2017-01-03 2017-01-03
  Sorry, no links for this topic yet.

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