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Rjm st.petersburg at 10:57am 11.23.21
I have a 2005 41DS. It seems I have a problem with getting water out of my tanks. I have removed the
DArcy at 8:55am 11.23.21
Norwegian Shipping Going Electric... and autonomous I applaud the idea of reducing emission but ma
Alansails at 7:23am 11.23.21
Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving, Fair Winds Enjoy Family and Friends We Have alot to
iqaluk at 6:42pm 11.22.21
I ve a Hunter 386 2004. And my panel for the tank system monitor show me only multiples bars.. how
bris59 at 2:45pm 11.22.21
Hi. I ould use some advice here. I need to replace my headliner. I have found the same material a
Kermit at 10:48am 11.22.21
Brian D at 9:26am 11.22.21
I think the concept would be very close to be the same. How would I repair this without buying a ne
dslance at 7:08am 11.22.21
I'm moving my Beneteau 42 from St. Mary's, GA to Galveston, TX and plan to layover in Miami to atten
Randy Michaelis at 7:53pm 11.21.21
Apex at 5:31pm 11.21.21
added for clarification: fiberglass tube is packed with grease (zerc fitting) C'C 30: Fiberglass
jssailem at 12:11pm 11.21.21
jssailem at 11:02am 11.21.21
More news from my buddy Rufus. He affirms that the affects of the ENSO activity will continue to br
NYSail at 9:07am 11.21.21
Giro at 8:24am 11.21.21
Does anyone know where the Cruise Forum went? It was here one day and gone the next. (???)
SailorElliot at 7:15am 11.21.21
Hatch Leak   (1)
jaysweet at 5:23am 11.21.21
I discovered some wet cushions in the v-berth right after haul-out. Testing with a hose revealed a l
All U Get at 4:30am 11.21.21
johnstreatfeild at 2:57am 11.21.21
The plastic part that the the handle goes into on my Rule bilge pump broke. Does anyone know where
eianm at 9:47pm 11.20.21
I am wondering if any other 4JH2TE owners have had an issue with diesel in the bilge. It seems to me
CaptainRan at 9:12pm 11.20.21
There is a small hole in the top of my mast. It appears to have been manufactured that way. I am gue

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Re-configuring lifelines on the MacGregor 26S
D Swanson at 3:22pm 11.26.21
I recommend paying attention to where the base of the stanction brace attaches to the deck. You will
Re-configuring lifelines on the MacGregor 26S
sail sfbay at 3:19pm 11.26.21
Your boat, but if it was mine I would install lifelines all the way aft (detachable with pelican ho
Tipping angles
All U Get at 3:13pm 11.26.21
Put 4 of those 6 guys out on the boom.... Or one Mainer.
Sailing and restoring #9874
Hardhead at 1:38pm 11.26.21
I don't know the science behind it -- but all truck and trailer calamities happen on Sundays. The g
H36 Boom Vang Attachment to Boom
chichiflys at 12:57pm 11.26.21
Thanks sailme88 - I think I'll stick with this setup for now, but I appreciate the Garhauer hint - I
Tipping angles
jssailem at 12:43pm 11.26.21
On the Boom? They likely will fall off now you have a rescue while stuck under the bridge. Life is c
Tipping angles
sailme88 at 12:42pm 11.26.21
Put 4 of those 6 guys out on the boom....
Add a battery
dlochner at 12:36pm 11.26.21
What you are describing is pretty normal. The 13.5 voltage is the float voltage. It is a low current
H36 Boom Vang Attachment to Boom
sailme88 at 12:35pm 11.26.21
Well, if you were to shift gears and go with a solid vang, I'd suggest that you contact Garhauer.
Add a battery
acudavid at 12:06pm 11.26.21
Hi Everyone! I decided to take the good advice of Davidsailor26 and others, and do the smart thing
Sailing and restoring #9874   (3)
AaronD at 11:48am 11.26.21
Small Boat to the San Juans, Ed III, Pt 3 Parks Bay was an unexpected delight. It wasn't on our age
Sailing and restoring #9874   (8)
AaronD at 11:42am 11.26.21
Small Boat to the San Juans, Ed III, Pt 2 I had added a small freezer for this season, primarily to
Sailing and restoring #9874   (3)
AaronD at 11:36am 11.26.21
Small Boat to the San Juans, Edition III Finally getting around to a trip report from last summer.
Tipping angles
All U Get at 11:22am 11.26.21
The calculations assume that the hull is a cylinder and that the center does not rise as it leans o
Touchless Sailing
DayDreamer41 at 11:11am 11.26.21
Three of us went out one blustery day this past summer, my son on the helm and a buddy of mine sitti
A shackle is a shackle is a shackle - or NOT......
Don S/V ILLusion at 11:04am 11.26.21
Every time I went to sleep onboard when tied to a mooring ball in Jamestown or Newport, Cuttyhunk, e
recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild
sf34dtw at 11:02am 11.26.21
I did fabbed one out of sheet aluiminum ,not a good picture boom is hanging on wall in my garage dr
PacificNW weather update.   (1)
jssailem at 10:48am 11.26.21
My friend Rufus has posted his "Black Friday" weather report for the Pacific NW. Perhaps it should
Single handing
Stu Jackson at 10:39am 11.26.21
Stu How long is your boat hook? Longer than your telescoping one? Ric Probably about six feet. Ye
Tipping angles
Hello Below at 10:37am 11.26.21
It's time like this when I ask myself the question: "If things go bad should I really expect my insu

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