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CaptainRan at 9:12pm 11.20.21
There is a small hole in the top of my mast. It appears to have been manufactured that way. I am gue
brian cc27mkiii at 6:07pm 11.20.21
looking for recommendations on repair material. i have removed the tabernacle fiberglass skin and we
fred1diver at 4:16pm 11.20.21
hey everyone, I know I would rather have a blue water boat but until I get enough money to find my d
fero at 3:11pm 11.20.21
Hello all after quite a while, It looks like there is fissure in the outside part of the chainplate
rgranger at 2:09pm 11.20.21
Saw this boat today I think I could get it cheap:biggrin:
Phil Herring at 8:12am 11.20.21
Who do you thank for helping you get into sailing?
SJN at 7:39pm 11.19.21
Hello! Our boat C 310 hull 260has a while object spliced into the fuel tank vent line about six i
dkinzer at 6:07pm 11.19.21
The plumbing below the galley sinks on our 41DS seems bizarre to me (see the attached photo). I'm th
dkinzer at 5:49pm 11.19.21
One of the items noted on the pre-purchase survey our new-to-us boat was that the wet exhaust hose w
RenatoM at 2:35pm 11.19.21
Hi all, Hoping that someone can help me out with a rudder issue. We purchased the 411 6 months ago w
sailcapt340 at 1:48pm 11.19.21
I have 3 Group 24 Interstate Wet Cell Batteries I would like to equalize. My basic run of the mill
AndyL at 12:21pm 11.19.21
Hello, I'd like to access the manual bilge pump to either repair or replace it. Do I need to remov
HermosaHunter at 11:27am 11.19.21
My aft shower sump is constantly overflowing when I check on the boat, I believe its related to a le
Souellette at 11:12am 11.19.21
Hello. I'm planning on putting in a mounted VHF radio and remote mic on my Catalina 275. I would loc
LakeOntario270 at 10:54am 11.19.21
I can't get to SBO on my laptop. Every time I try I get an End Of File error message. I've tried 3
jssailem at 10:50am 11.19.21
It is Friday and time for an update. Looks like today and through the weekend will be a reprieve fro
Jwhy at 10:41am 11.19.21
My 1995 Catalina 320 has a Perkins engine. Does anyone have a link for an owners manual?
jdrutten at 10:09am 11.19.21
My boat is on the hard for the winter and I'm trying to think of my spring projects. High on the lis
Shorefun at 8:16am 11.19.21
So in the past I have used a grey cover that came with my 170. I noticed it got quite warm where it
randerson5726 at 6:39am 11.19.21
I recently repaired, sanded down, and varnished the sole in my forward cabin. It came out significan

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recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild
sf34dtw at 11:02am 11.26.21
I did fabbed one out of sheet aluiminum ,not a good picture boom is hanging on wall in my garage dr
PacificNW weather update.   (1)
jssailem at 10:48am 11.26.21
My friend Rufus has posted his "Black Friday" weather report for the Pacific NW. Perhaps it should
Single handing
Stu Jackson at 10:39am 11.26.21
Stu How long is your boat hook? Longer than your telescoping one? Ric Probably about six feet. Ye
Tipping angles
Hello Below at 10:37am 11.26.21
It's time like this when I ask myself the question: "If things go bad should I really expect my insu
C-36 salon table
Stu Jackson at 10:26am 11.26.21
@sail sfbay Nice "find." I hadn't heard about these guys before with that name (Catalina Only) b
A shackle is a shackle is a shackle - or NOT......
jssailem at 10:24am 11.26.21
Good cautionary post Rich. Even the best metal hardware when immersed in water will corrode. It is
Tipping angles
jssailem at 10:20am 11.26.21
Tom, your experience sounds a lot like the one demonstrated in this youtube video. kiv0fxFcV3I
Is it possible to add another wiring bundle tube?
Diablito at 10:14am 11.26.21
Thank you Rob. You are right about the detail they put in their blog. I installed my spinnaker pole
Tipping angles
Tom J at 10:12am 11.26.21
When we transited the Okeechobee Waterway, we needed to heel to clear the railroad bridge at Port My
C-36 salon table
sail sfbay at 9:28am 11.26.21
Touchless Sailing
sail sfbay at 9:25am 11.26.21
Nice post!! Sailing with a neutal helm by adjusting sail trim and area is my goal. This article aug
A shackle is a shackle is a shackle - or NOT......
Tom J at 9:08am 11.26.21
I think there is more awareness nowadays about the inferior quality of Chinese made hardware, and it
A shackle is a shackle is a shackle - or NOT......
markwbird at 8:58am 11.26.21
A lot has changed since 1990.
recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild
DougM at 8:16am 11.26.21
They should have put an end-cap on the boom. Mine is completely open at the back end! Perfect sol
Single handing
smokey73 at 8:00am 11.26.21
At the beginning of an underway I log date/time, engine hours, generator hours, who is on board, des
Single handing
kappykaplan at 7:46am 11.26.21
Is there a specific log book for this or do you just use a plain note book? I use a plain notebook
Single handing
WI Rigger at 7:35am 11.26.21
Is there a specific log book for this or do you just use a plain note book?
Headliner Replacement on a 2004 Hunter 36
FastOlson at 7:11am 11.26.21
Check the Lewmar site. Your boat may have a Lewmar hatch with the aluminum inside flange as part of
Headliner Replacement on a 2004 Hunter 36
bris59 at 7:00am 11.26.21
If you take the inside from off you will see that they used staple gun with many stables around ho
Tipping angles
thinwater at 6:13am 11.26.21
The calculations assume that the hull is a cylinder and that the center does not rise as it leans on

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