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FOR SALE: Headsails

Placed by Ted on 04-17-2018
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Location: East Islip, NY US

I sold my boat but kept many of the headsails. Here are four that are still available. All are high quality, like new condition with extreamly little use. One of them has never been flown. Ive priced these sails at 50% of the purchase price.

UK Sailmakers Silver (+/- 130%) Luff: 37-8, Leech: 36-2, Foot: 15-4, LP: 14-7 Condition: New, never used. Fiberglass tapes. Price $1675 (SOLD)

Haarstick Sailmakers (+/- 100%) Luff: 37-8, Leech: 36-0, Foot: 12-0, LP: 11-6 Condition: Excellent, used 3 times. Kevlar tri-radial design. Battens not included. Price $1150

North Sailmakers (+/- 145%) Luff: 37-8, Leech: 36-7, Foot: 17-6, LP: 16-8 Condition: Excellent, used 5 times. Kevlar, tri-radial design. Price $1560 (SOLD)

Haarstick Sailmakers (+/- 125%) Luff: 37-9, Leech: 35-8, Foot: 14-6, LP: 13-8 Condition: Excellent, used 3 times. Kevlar, tri-radial design. Price $1375

All sails have luff tapes. E-mail me for detailed photos of the sail you have interest in.

Condition: New to nearly new

Price: varies

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