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FOR SALE: AutoProp self pitching sailboat propeller folding feathering

Placed by M_Michaels on 12-30-2016
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Location: Grand Rapids, Oh US
Phone: 419-261-2099

Up for sale is a one year old feathering AutoProp for sailboats. This prop is made by Bruntons and sold by AB Marine (and a few others). The model number for this prop is H5-380. It is a 15 diameter (right hand rotation) and fits a one inch prop shaft. Pitch is fully automatic, and no adjustment is ever necessary.

I purchased this prop new and used it for one season on a 1988 Catalina 34 sailboat. This prop was used in fresh water (Lake Erie). The Catalina 34 had a Universal M25XP engine rated at 23 horsepower. I removed this prop when I sold the boat as I was hoping to use it on the Hunter 380 sailboat that I was purchasing. Unfortunately, I could not. My new boat had more HP and a larger prop shaft. Check out the website below for more info on the prop.

If you have a sailboat with the Universal M25XP engine and a 1 shaft, this prop is a perfect fit. It would likely fit any 32-36 foot sailboat having an engine with 22-26 horsepower. Please note: I paid $3600 for this prop, and prices have gone up a bit from there. I think my price of $1650 is more than fair.

Call or Text if interested: 419-261-2099

Condition: Excellent

Price: $1650.

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