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FOR SALE: ODay 22 Parts Available

Placed by mainesail on 09-28-2016
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Location: Camden, ME US
Phone: 207.930.5257

Hi All,
Unfortunately a friend is unable to deal with a OD 22 which he bought as a project several years ago and has been unable to find a new home for. So am parting to out for him because I have a parts business in vintage bronze boat parts.
So far Ive taken the rig down and both mast and boom look good, but I would replace rigging,which I will keep with the mast-boom available separately.
Rudder has a few dings and a small crack at bottom, which I can repair over winter, or make available now-no hardware included, but available. Tiller might be usable with repair, rot at handle end, would make available free as a pattern. Pintle and gudgeon set available separately.
Pulpit is in excellent condition.
All deck hardware available, condition varies, most very good to excellent. Companionway slide and cockpit locker are pretty good, maybe some of the wood parts would be available, one of the drop boards is a little distorted.
Below, Im salvaging the hardwood trim, sink and a few other bits, but not much else. If you want specific part get in touch ASAP (this is 9.28.16).
OH, RUBRAIL. To my surprise it is still in very good condition. It is two part with Schaefer end caps at the stern. There is paint from sloppy deck repaint along top edge, but a scotchbrite will get that off. There are a few dings, but all should cleanup well and be very serviceable-Will not separate components.
Can send pics after you contact me.
Thanks for your interest..

Price: Varies

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