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1982 Hunter 27_75-84

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Havre De Grace, MD, MD
Listed: 11-13-2018
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$3,000 US Negotiable

The owner bought this boat in 1990

General condition and any additional information

Original Cherubini Hunter 90% restored. These were incredible desired boats and have loyal dedicated owners. I have the original owners manual and Yanmar engine service books. Will post on FB soon. First come, first serve, don’t miss out!
3000$ OBO

Standard features

Was father-in-laws boat purchased in 1990 from original owner, then inherited to my wife when he passed in 2011. Original Cherubini Hunter. Weekender with deep 36 keel.
Have original Quibo Alcohol stove. Removed water heater. Have all new port holes, some not installed with gasket material. 1GM Yanmar Diesel. Me and wife restored the hull with over 1000$s in paint: bottom, hull, keel prep etc.. Motor runs good but will need batteries as they were removed when restoring. I have newer charged group 49 battery added. Has engine with external water hose adapter. Tank has good fuel with algae inhibitors in.I purchased a Yanmar tune kit but only put on the alt. belt and changed the oil. I ran it a good while while docked and when out of water. Also, I have the original Yanmar tool kit AND the hand crank to start manually$$. Original radio is still in and looks as though a fuel gauge was put in with speedo and lean gauge out in cockpit. Teak is average and would need cleaned and varnished. Cabin slide doors were stolen and a trapezoidal piece of plywood was cut for temporary cabin close. I have several newer pieces to custom make a new set included. New prop.

Extra gear included

Yanmar tool and maintain kit. life preservers. New lines and original anchor/chains. New lines( boxed up). New Raritan rebuild kit for toilet and septic hose. Also, cans of new dockside white paint top$$. External water adapter to dry start engine. All gear including extra antenna/ tool box, bumper pads, cleaning brushes and hook poles. New ropes. There is probably more that I just cant remember. ill try to take some more pics. Check out my post for the latest pics I took when restoring.

Improvements to the hull, deck, rigging, engine, or interior

I bought a Raritan head kit for the toilet and all new septic 2 hose to re plumb .Never got around to it. Toilet and kit are stored clean in boxes at my house. I have all new lines main and Jibs also not installed. Sails were cleaned and restitched and stored properly too. Cushions are in good condition and stored. I took the winches off and greased/cleaned but never reinstalled. Inside plumbing is okay: kitchen sink spigot broke while cleaning and will need replaced. Brass through valve (front) was leaking, putting the toilet reinstall on hold as mentioned. Tightened entire toe-rail and stacion posts; Have a yellow saftey cushion with extra safety vests too. interior lights worked; the front yellow/green was damaged originally by father years ago. Works and would need remounting. Hatches are fair and I lpannned on replacing both as the port holes. Boat is dry inside as I just checked yesterday.
You can check it out at the Havre De Grace Marina in MD; it is in the back with the signs on it. Just power washed outside. Bottom paint was new. Can check out the pics we posted when cleaning her Ceciltuckey Queen. Wife not included. Negotiable.

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