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FOR SALE: VariProfile 3–Blade Feathering Propeller VP-64-16” x 13 x 3-

Placed by JBrown1988Hunter355 on 01-12-2019
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Location: Stamford, CT US
Phone: 203-325-1281

This VariProfile 3-blade feathering propeller was removed from our 35’ Hunter 355 Legend, after being in place 1-year. We only used our Hunter sailboat 5-6 times that year, barley running the engine, before hauling for the winter. Deciding to sell our Hunter 355 Legend, we removed the VariProfile Feathering Propeller that winter, before selling our sailboat. This VariProfile Feathering Propeller fit’s a 1-inch shaft and was used with our Yanmar 3GM30F diesel engine. A short description follows but, lots more information on this VeriProfile Feathering Propeller can be found on line.

This VariProfile propeller is for a performance cruiser and/or club racer sailor. The VariProfile feathering propeller has a Gawn/Kaplan blade profile, giving optimized and efficient forward and reverse thrust, with Independently adjustable external pitch control (patented), that can be changed in just seconds; even underwater. This gives the owner a wide range of pitch adjustment, for both forward and reverse pitches.

The VariProfile feathering propeller is a unique feathering propeller. It’s the first to incorporate the hitec GAWN/KAPLAN profile and it is the only feathering propeller with a shaped blade. This profile has been used primarily for high performance power boat applications, but also for rudder design and in the aircraft industry.

Normally associated with high-speed power boat and aircraft propeller blades, the Gawn/Kaplan blade profile and slim hub delivers very low drag and excellent Hydro-dynamics, while running extremely more quietly and efficiently under power than similar propellers. The end result is that the VariProfile propeller delivers speed normally associated with fixed propellers, or the best folding propellers, in both forward and reverse, due to its continuous, independently variable, adjustable external pitch control (patented). Forward and Reverse pitches can be changed independently in just seconds, even underwater.

The VariProfile Feathering Propeller has a robust helical gear, a patented “SoftStop” shock absorbing brake and is is unique for the fact that the hub is a separate piece from the blade/gear assembly. With a wide range of pitch adjustment available, the blade/gear assemblies can be easily matched to any hub. In the event of a repower or rotation change, a new blade/gear assembly can be mated to the existing hub. It is easily installed with no blade disassembly needed.

Condition: Like New-No Dings In

Price: $2,985

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