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2006 Macgregor 26M

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Minden, NV
Listed: 07-04-2017
Alternate phone: 775.391.3267

$21,600 US Excellent condition

The owner bought this boat in 2007

General condition and any additional information

You are cordially encouraged to respond to this ad via email and/or call 775.391.3267 (please leave message) so we can send you the 3 Photobucket links of additional recent photos showing the interior, exterior and accessories.

Much enjoyed and thoroughly lovingly cared for Macgregor 26M powersailer with professionally polished blue hull. Powered by Evinrude ETEC 50hp fuel efficient outboard engine w/power tilt. Fully equipped for sailing/motoring including trailer with brakes that dont require wiring a brake controller in your tow vehicle.

We are owners who have always believed in preventative maintenance. We have outfitted this sailboat with a complete new steering system and rudders plus upgraded hardware, equipment, and numerous accessories.

Some examples: Garhauer rigid piston boom vang (eliminates topping lift to hold up boom!), CDI 2 jib furler, all lines aft professionally installed to cockpit, set of matching blue canvas covers, and complete immaculate cushion set for the cockpit and cabin interior. The boat and trailer also come with a very complete set of Operating Manuals, documentation organized in an onboard notebook, receipts and file folders.

Clean title, no liens.

The boat has never sailed anywhere else than freshwater Lake Tahoe and always cleaned and stored out of the water at the end of the summer. As sad as it makes us its ready for a new crew to pick it up south of Carson City, Nevada about 25 minutes from Lake Tahoe.

Standard features

SUMMARY- Highlights Macgregor 26M

• $13,606 total of professionally installed upgraded hardware,
accessories, and canvas (complete itemized list available)
• 148 hrs (from hour gauge) on Evinrude E-tec 50hp outboard engine
w/Power Tilt
• $1445 professionally polish and wax the blue hull and top deck
(please view pictures to appreciate the mirrorlike finish)
• Fresh water only use in Lake Tahoe, CA; no salt or infested waters
• All lines aft to cockpit are professionally installed
• Single line reefing system
• Single line Lazy Jack system
• Mainsail outhaul on boom w/Garhauer rigid piston boom vang
• Complete new $1,319 Teleflex steering system (including rudders)
• Macgregor mast raising system accessory
• Twin 12V batteries w/Perko Switch (recharged from 110V shore
power through onboard 3-phase charger or engine alternator)
• 50’ 6-gauge shore power cord plugs into external deck receptacle
powers electrical system e.g. battery charger, lights, 110V outlets
• Complete immaculate set of cockpit and cabin interior cushions
(no wear or tears), new carpeting
• Bimini, compass (lighted), Fortress FX -7 lightweight anchor, marine VHF radio, Origo alcohol stove w/pot holder arms and cutting board, custom engine quick disconnect for sailing …ask us for the extensive complete list of everything that comes with this Macgregor 26M!

Extra gear included

(see listing under Major Improvements)

Improvements to the hull, deck, rigging, engine, or interior

DETAILS of What Comes w/this MacGregor 26M sailboat

MacGregor 26M Sailboat- Lake Tahoe Fresh water only
• 2006 Macgregor 26M trailerable powersailer
• Blue hull (manufacturer optional upgrade)
• Measures 25’10”; waterline 23’2”
• Beam (width): 7’9” which eliminates need for special highway hauling permits
• Draft w/daggerboard up 12”; daggerboard fully down 5’9”
• Empty boat weight 2550 lbs; trailer weighs 530 lbs.
• Mast Raising System by Macgregor uses winch mounted on aluminum pole making easy for one person to raise/lower mast (e.g. allows for taking down mast for trailering or lowering mast onto stern cradle for low bridge passage)
• Fresh water use only in Lake Tahoe (summer use only max. 3 months/year); original hull finish, no bottom paint to maintain
• Lake Tahoe invasive species hull inspection cable loop through bow eye around trailer from last time taken out of the Lake (avoids add’l fee to clean out bilge before launching in Lake Tahoe)
• Boat and trailer has always been covered and protected from sun and weather when out of water

• 50hp Evinrude ETEC outboard; direct injected 2-stoke, 2 cylinder EPA low emissions meeting stringent California 3-star emission standards on Lake Tahoe
• Power tilt conveniently activated from toggle switch on throttle arm
• Unique automatic winterizing cycle protects inside engine before storing for extended period of time
• only 148 hours (on engine hour gauge-see picture)
• Evinrude spare propeller (also for boat use at lower altitudes)
• West Marine Racor 120R-RAC-01 Water/fuel separator w/2 new spin-on replacement filters Racot #R12T (West Marine no. 129660)
• 2- 12 gallon portable plastic gas tanks w/tie-down straps in cockpit
• Engine hour gauge (in 1/10th hours) on steering console
• Safety engine shut-off harness attaches to person running engine
• 30 2-1/2 32 oz. containers Evinrude Hi-Vis Gearcase Lube
• Engine Lower Unit Pump w/3 containers Evinrude Gearcase Lube, Evinrude XD50 2-cycle outboard oil ½ gal.

• Garhauer RV 12-1 custom stainless steel marine piston rigid boom vang (eliminates need to attach a Topping Lift line to hold up boom when mainsail lowered- we found functional and easy to use accessory!)
• Hull professionally polished and waxed hull and deck w/Driven Premium Polymer Marine Polish ($1,500)
• Turning blocks for mainsail, reefing, boom vang contol lines aft
• Davis rigging covers for mast stays
• Bow anchor roller
• Bimini over main cockpit, folding/removable (Sunbrella, black)
• Digital Hawkeye 12V depth finder w/programmable shallow depth alarm
• Twin rudders (so one or both are in water when heeling, much more maneuverability motoring around docks)
• Padded lifeline cushions (4 of them, Sunbrella, white)
• Emergency Life Sling2 Throwable Rescue System w/50’ line in vinyl bag secured to cockpit stanchion
• Emergency “ResQ Throw Disc” and line
• 110V snap covered shore power receptacle on starboard side of deck (allows hookup to 110V shore power or gas generator)

• Origo single burner alcohol marine stove w/metal potholder 4000 arms accessory mounted in gallery countertop w/adjustable burner heat and wood cutting board top
• Uniden Solara VHF DSC 2-way ship to shore radio w/ all and selected channel scanner, dedicated NOAA weather channel
• hull mounted fold down (for trailing) 8’ Shakespeare whip antenna
• King size berth
• Sliding galley on tracks to increase bench seating room on port side when not cooking
• AC 110V 30amp breaker and GFIC plug w/two 110V AC outlets
• Multi-fused electrical switch panel e.g. cabin lights, mast light, running lights, accessory
• Built in 3-stage 12V battery charger (operates when plugged in to shore power, otherwise use Perko switch to charge off outboard engine’s alternator)
• Fire extinguisher and wall bracket
• 2- 12V deep-cycle batteries (cabled to Perko selector switch)
• Perko Battery Selector Switch i.e. Off, Bat.#1, Bat.#2, Both (e.g. allows for one battery to be reserved for engine starting, 2nd battery for house lights and appliances)
• 110V Battery charger (operates when shore power plugged in, otherwise batteries charged by outboard engine’s alternator) installed in overhead compartment above table
• Thetford Porta-Potti, AquaMate 885 Electric flush and 5-gal. portable holding tank w/level gauge indicator
• Floor mounts to secure AquaMate but still easily removable

• Main 170 sq. ft. w/intermediate reefing ties (reduces sail area during high winds); new nylon mainslides installed
• Kelly-Hansen 105% Working Jib 130 sq. ft. (comes slightly past mast and sheets to tracks on cabin top) attached to CDI Rolling Furler, lines aft
• Doyle 150% Genoa 206 sq. ft. - brand new w/storage bag
• CDI FF2 self-furling for jib w/control line aft to cockpit
• Barton Lightweight single line Lazy Jack system (control line aft)
• Winch handle for the two deck-mounted Lewmar winches
• Set of 4 colored mainsail ties to store lowered sail on boom

• Suction mesh bags to keep lines tidy and off cockpit seats and deck
• Telltales (removable) for wind direction on mast stays
• Set (removable) of Grippit brand wine glass holders, can/bottle holders in the cockpit
• 2 Lewmar deck-mounted winches and cleats e.g. pulling in main or jib sheets
• Charlevoix nylon flag clips on stern rail
• Marine Aqua Meter Prestige Class bulkhead compass (lighted for nighttime use) w/protective sun cover when not in use
• Heeling indicator gauge (in degrees)
• Bimini w/study zippered storage bag (Blue Water Yachts), Sunbrella, black; collapses and folds down on cockpit stern or detaches for storage below deck
• Stainless steel handle on sliding hatch over cabin entry

New steering system:
• Rack and pinion 5715 steering w/1x3 8’ Teleflex
• Rudder crossbar and rudder post for 26M
• Tiller arm for 26M
• Rudder post for 26M
• SS bolt, nut and washer assemblies
• Two (2) new Macgregor rudders (port, starboard on stern)

15 Cushions (complete matching set in excellent like-new condition):
• V-berth (2)
• 9’ port bench seats (2) w/2 backrest pillows (converts to add’l berth)
• Dinette bench seats (2), backrest pillows (2) , 1 insert (for ice chest cutout next to table) when converted to bed); removable back rest for ease of access to starboard berth; seat cushion goes on table when table lowered to convert to add’l berth
• Kingsize Berth (2 halves w/ removable inset for ice chest)
• Cockpit bench seat pads (2)

Matching Set of Sunbrella Canvas Covers- Marine Royal Blue
• Custom working jib (zippered) w/multiple loops
• Main sail and boom sheets (rotating pin and grommet closures)
• Outboard Engine Cowling
• Steering Console: wheel, throttle, gauges, and pedestal handle
• Bimini top custom for Mac 26M (Black w/matching black heavy double zippered protective storage cover)

Modifications and additional hardware added:
• Lines aft kit: main sail haul sheet, single line reef, boom vang, jib CDI Flexible Furler 2 rolling furler, daggerboard lift, port and starboard jibs
• Pulley lift lines for each rudder (much easier to lift and secure rudders out of water)
• Turning block added to daggerboard lift line (easier lifting from cockpit)
• Mast modified to allow new nylon mainsail slides to be installed when installing mainsail slides inside mast
• Custom aluminum plate cover over sail feed slot in mast; allows mainsail slides to go all the way down to the boom, allowing the sail to stack much smaller when lowered, also makes reefing easier
• Davis pivoting wind indicator vane mounted on top of mast
• Top of mast mooring light wired to cabin interior switch console w/detachable deck plugin (allows mast removal)
• 360 degree anchor light on top of mast
• sliding tray underneath galley table (tray design doesn’t open when heeling)
• LED bulbs 12V to replace battery draining OEM cabin incandescent lights

Specialized Custom-made Accessories for 26M: (purchased from Blue Water Yachts i.e., professionally installed by Inland Sailing Co. Rancho Cordova, CA):
• All Lines aft kit
• Single line reefing kit
• Engine steering quick disconnect (to disconnect engine do it can be elevated out of water during sailing i.e. no drag or hard to steer helm)
• Swim ladder w/ fold-down lower section goes below waterline for ease in climbing back into cockpit, permanently on stern
• Swim ladder grab handle
• Extra wide steps (3) for better footing between cockpit and cabin
• Pacific Blue Sunbrella zippered jib cover w/tabs
• Steering Pedestal Grab Handle/Guard e.g. GPS mount
• Outhaul kit (for mainsail boom)- runs line through turning block and into a clam cleat making sail tension easy to adjust from cockpit
• Cabin entrance grab handle on sliding hatch
• Upgraded rotating mast bearings
• Upgraded Mainsheet Block w/Snap Shackle Quick Release where mainsheet attaches to traveler aka “mainsheet air set block set”
• New floor carpets (tan) [5/3/17 update: OEM carpet set included]
• Rig tuning tool for loosening/tightening mast shrouds

Additional Accessories:
• 50’ waterproof heavy gauge marine 6-gauge dockside power cord
• Exterior covered male plug for dockside power cord (allows hookup to shore power or generator)
• Anchors (2):
1. Aluminum lightweight on 200’ 1/2” New England Ropes’ mega plait anchor line w/thimble (breaking strength 7,000 lbs) and chain rode w/colored plastic depth tabs
2. Danforth w/ 3/8” anchor line and chain rode
3. Anchor brackets on railing to hold anchor (2)
• FinDelta Anchor Sail by (reduces boat swing and strain on anchor rode in winds while anchored)
• Rocker Stoppers –two sets of 3 orange stoppers with 10 lb. mushroom anchor, one for each side of boat
• Alcohol denatured (i.e. soot-free) for kitchen stove
• Evinrude Engine oil (1 gal. can)
• Hull waxes, hull/deck cleaners and yacht polish bottles
• Solar Power Panel trickle chargers e.g. battery and smartphone charging
• Inflatable dingy w/paddles and high volume floor pump
• Four new (4) orange life vests
• Set of Taylor and Dockmate fenders (hull protective bumpers for docking) w/quick set line fender cam adjuster/holders on lifeline stanchions
• Sail repair tape (2 rolls)
• Assorted stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers, ring dings, clevis pins, fuses, wire, spare bow pin, spare rudder trailering bolts, etc.)
• Extendable floating boat hook w/safety line to clip to deck lines
• Wine goblet rack in galley

• Custom manufactured and fitted by Macgregor for this sailboat
• Fully automatic surge disc brakes; no modification of tow vehicle e.g. wiring for electric trailer brake controller
• Breakaway emergency cable
• Wheel hubs have Trailer Buddys w/axle end cover
• Original “key” to temporarily allow backing up trailer (prevents disc brakes from activating)
• ST225/75R15 Load D rated Radial Trailer Tires (full size spare mounted on trailer tongue bracket)
**All trailer lights and wiring operational i.e. ready to hitch up and go. Many people use this boat at campgrounds enroute to their next water adventure! **

Extensive Documentation/Owner’s Manuals:
• OEM Macgregor 26M Owner’s Manual w/rigging, trailering, maintenance instructions, etc.
• OEM Evinrude 50hp ETEC Owner’s Manual
• Blue Water Yachts Operating Manual and Notebook
• Rich Johnson’s Guide to Trailer Boat Sailing (e.g authors sail a Macgregor sailboat)Fuel/water separator
• Copy of SAILING l- “Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (and keep going): How to Sail, Gear, Clothing, and Tips by Doris Colgate, President, National Sailing Association and Offshore Sailing School
• Speedy Rigger DVD for Macgregor 26 i.e. VERY helpful hints and tips
• Trailer surge disc brakes- hydraulic brake actuator
• Owner’s 3-ring notebook compiling Manuals into one location (all pages in plastic sleeves for use onboard)
• Owner’s paper files of reference materials, receipts, notes, checklists for launching/getting ready to go out on the water/arriving back at dock to close up to leave marina and go home, modification ideas, etc.
• “Operating the Macgregor 26M Powersailer” booklet by Blue Water Yachts, Seattle (largest Macgregor boat dealer on west coast)
1. Speedy Rigger Instructional Video Series for Macgregor
• Disc 1: Speedy Steps to Rig and De-rig Your Boat and Sails
• Disc 2: Steps to Sail Your Macgregor, Simple Guide to Sailing

2. 55 minute Macgregor 26 DVD from Manufacturer
3. Evinrude “Powerful Choice” DVD of E-tec outboards

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