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Sailboat KnowledgeBase

Terry Cox
The leg I made from recycled 7/8th inch tubing and fittings. The tip is a crutch foot.

Standard SS tubing/fittings

The white board is 3/4 inch thick Seaboard XL, which means extra light and more like plywood. The piece is cut 12 inches wide by 18 inches long. Very strong stuff.

Seaboard XL

The rail feet are also Seaboard material. The P42 rail is one inch OD. The foot slot I cut 1/16th inch less on each side so that it pops into place. Each 3/4" thick rail foot is 1 3/4" wide and 2 1/4" long. I used three inch long flat head bolts with nylock nuts to secure the foot to the board.

Rail feet

The admiral got these fold up stadium seats from Big 5 Sports.

Stadium seat

The seats have four holes on the underside that take a size 14 screw. They secure the seat to the Seaboard.

Seats fastened to the Seaboard

Both the leg and seat fold up for compact storage.

Folds up nicely

Another shot of the underside

The rail feet slide on and pop into place. The seat is level unlike what the photo shows.

Mounted on the pushpit rail

The seat is very strong and comfortable. It also gives a good view of your course while under sail. I made one for each side of the boat.

Very strong attachment

Another shot of the rail feet.

Another angle shot.

A different angle shot

The seat folds up and hangs on the outside of the life lines where it is out of the way.

Hangs out of the way
Meta Description
Stern Rail Seat
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