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Gear AdsPrivateId: 464608.06.2013
By:  svtadpole  
Yanmar SVE8 ... marine diesel (8hp)
For sale ....

A Yanmar SVE8 ( 8hp ) Marine Diesel motor ...

This engine is currently installed in a 1976 Hunter 27 sailboat ... I believe it is the
original engine as mounted by the Hunter factory ...

This engine had a complete rebuild in 2011 including :

new valves
new valve springs
new valve guides
new valve seats
new rocker shaft bearings
cylinder head skimmed
new piston
new piston rings
new cylinder liner
new wrist pin
new wrist pin bearing
new big end bearing
new crankshaft bearings
new oil pump
new starter motor
new alternator
recon injector
recon injector pump
new fuel pump

It starts first kick every time & has only had around 100hrs running since the rebuild ...

It is VERY economical on fuel ...

The motor comes with all peripheries ... from fuel tank to propeller ( if required ) ...

Can be seen running prior to removing from the vessel ...

To be sold as-is & where-is ( Cape Cod, MA ) ... buyer collects ... seller will assist with
removal from boat ...

An ideal motor for repowering any sailboat of 25 to 30ft especially when replacing an
Atomic 4 ...

Aside from marine use these small Yanmars are also often used as static units driving
generators or PTO assemblies ...
Click image to enlarge

Condition: V Good

Price: $1000 obo
Cape Cod

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