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Boat Year State Photos Price   Details
Hunter 401985 MD $59,900 US  Read more
Beneteau 301980 NJ  $17,900 US  Read more
Irwin 311983 NJ  $18,900 US  Read more
Freedom 321984 NJ  $33,500 US  Read more
Hunter 341983 NJ  $27,500 US  Read more
Catalina 34 MK II2000 NJ  $79,500 US  Read more
Catalina 36 Tall Rig1986 NJ  $32,500 US  Read more
Freedom 361987 NJ  $79,900 US  Read more
Freedom 361988 NJ  $59,900 US  Read more
Allied 1977 NY  $39,900 US  Read more
Catalina 1985 NJ  $29,900 US  Read more
Pacific Seacraft 1982 NJ  $69,900 US  Read more
Ericson 341987 NJ  $61,800 US  Read more
Pearson 381990 NJ  $79,900 US  Read more
Hood Wauquiz1982 NJ  $84,900 US  Read more
Hood 412006 NJ  $239,000 US  Read more
Hunter Passage Center Cockpit1990 NJ  $99,900 US  Read more
Sabre 4251994 NJ  $199,900 US  Read more
Cal 251981 TN  $4,900 USNEEDS WORK & TLC  Read more
Catalina 251981 MI $7,000 US  Read more